Whats difference between short sword and sword?

what is the difference between short sword and regular sword, and great sword? besides that short sword costs less and does more damage…does It have less dur?


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Was gonna say “about 6 inches”


Basically one is stab, stab, stab, other is slash slash slash. I had difficult to hit with the short one on pvp due to the stab moves, and the roly poly The sacred art of the forward roll - Roly Poly - YouTube


3 different weapons, 3 different playstyles.
Assasin, fighter, tank.


Personally, I don’t understand the question. Have you tried crafting and using each?

What differences are you really asking about?

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Short swords have a very slim and straight attack area, they don’t cover as much area as regular swords. The biggest area cleaner is the longsword, sou pretty much have a ~180 degree attack radius (plus in some moves, it has 360).

Regular swords are now inferior to both of them in my opinion. Short ones deal massive damage to a single target while 2 handers just shred anything around you.


and Short and Great swords cant be used on horseback, only the long ones.

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wait, you can use Long Swords on horseback? are there actual weapon classes or is each weapon unique?

In game they are different classes of weapons with different movesets.
To add to some of the excellent explanations above…

Greatsword require both hands and preclude the use of a shield, torch, thrown axe/knife or thrall binding in the off hand.
In the world of two handed weapons they have balanced damage vs armour penetration. They have a wide sweeping move set and an unblockable special attack. They add the crippled status after a heavy combo.
They (like most two handed weapons other than spears) may not be used while mounted.
This one generally prefers to place them on thralls who seem to use them well.

Swords (neither great nor short), are single handed allow a shield, torch, thrall binding, thrown axe/knife ect in the off hand.
In the world of single handed weapons they are balanced between damage and armour penetration.
Their moveset is… Well, this one has nothing nice to say about it. Certainly someone somewhere likes it.
They add crippled at the end of a heavy combo.
They (like most single handed weapons) can be used while mounted.
Other than specific hard to get legendaries with unique abilities, this one finds them largely useless for player or thrall.

Short swords are this one’s favourite. They are relatively new to the game. They are single handed and allow shields ect…
They have superior stats for a single handed weapon.
Their moveset is linear. Much better for fighting a single foe. Many of their attacks feature an initial lunge, making up for the short reach of the weapon but possibly getting the user in trouble. Their special attack is a chop and backpedal. They also have a more varied moveset than other swords. If your enemy is open, use a single Heavey attack and then spam Light attack and watch their HP dissolve. Be warned, this technique leaves you open for awhile after using it.
They do not inflict cripple.
They cannot (unlike most single handed weapons) be used while mounted.
They require significant nuance to use. Most thralls cannot figure out how to use them well. Mostly useful for the player rather than the prisoner with job.

The cripple status affliction slows movement.
This one finds it of questionable utility with melee weapons, especially compared to bleed (damage over time from daggers, axes [but not double axes], and spears) or sunder (reduces defense, from maces and hammers). But that’s getting off topic.

Nope. I guess he meant longer-than-short swords :laughing: .
Short swords and 2 handed swords can not be used on horseback.

Shorties allow you to parry also…

It really comes down to your technique…if your using auto face and aim lock more often than not…straight attacks suit you well, short swords, javelin, throwing axe…ifnot…chop it up mayn…

also…incase you don’t know…when you have a battle axe, equip your off-hand with a throwing axe and that changes your melee options…

i have the gravebane (elderium recipe mace). Poison undead. Brutal on a decent thrall on running exiles unnamed city.


i believe either a delving siptah recipe or random drop from schematics recipes gotten from pools on siptah.


Schematic fragments dropped by the “Husk” summons from the pools.

May be had from others , may be a total rng attached to the summoning pools, or to the character that drops the last fragment, or to the price of tea in China…no idea…

But yeah , thats where I got mine, how I got it, and yeah, it’s a total keeper

Loiger fang weapons are worth the trip as well…daggers, sword, two handed sword.


I was farming the islands for the statues, ended up with a crate full…took me a week to spend them all…

FYI yall, if your planning on farming the pools…there is an unseen time limit for the battle…the summoned baddie WILL blip back to wherever it came from…even if its the giant mushroom avatar and it only has 146hp left and you’ve been whackin it for however long it is…no loot, no raincheck, no guilt filled love letter of a rendezvous that never should have happened…zilch…I felt so empty

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