What's next for Conan Exiles?

Is Siege rework next?

There is no in-game “Siege” concept so far, so there is nothing to rework in the first place.

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Well, archers need to be best on dmg with bows for one.


You can safely assume they are “working on bugfixes” brought by the latest update. And because there is like a month(?) left until famous “Norwegian summer shutdown” I don’t think we will hear about any new content until August.

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Hm, you are right.

Late September, actually.

June is for feature pre-productions, July is break, August is for development, and September is for Testlive.

We just had a content update and two DLCs recently, and unfortunately quite a few bugs found their way into the game in the process. I feel that for now we need to focus on re-stabilising the game and eliminating bugs.


Funcom announced 4 new Dungeons for this year and already sold 4 main DLCs for 2019 as a season pass. The first Dungeon was released on May 8th shortly after the first DLC for 2019. Very likely they will release every new Dungeon with a new DLC (3 more Dungeons and 3 more DLCs for 2019).
Next to this they started a new phase of game development. After a long time of more than 5 months, in which they were only concentrated on bug/glitch and exploit fixing they started to add new content to the game. This doesn’t mean that they now will stop to eliminate bugs/glitches/exploits but they also will develop new content for it. They also announced an overhaul of core mechanics of the game (thrall system, PvP siege system, gods, UI). For these overhauls they made big threads here on the forum in 2018 where the members could made suggestions.
So there are many things to do for 2019 and I think many things are already developed in the backround.

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By crom, let it be Age of Conan 2.


I second this one.

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Oh don’t mind me, just here venting the flames of speculation.




This community and the Fires of Speculation

(almost sounds like a Harry Potter novel somehow)


I hope they remove temporary buffs. It’s quite annoying to rebuff every 30 minutes on a 24/7 PvP server :slight_smile:

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perm until death sounds much better

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We did hold a conversation a time ago regarding what QoL items we desired and what siege items we thought the game needed. I am hoping that that conversation with Funcom was not forgotten and that we might see some of those suggestion enter the game.


They ether have to make catapults slightly easier set up, or add more variants.

Last few times i got drag online for “siegeing” and “defending” everyone pretends to be Uruki from Helms Deep battle…

Several suggestions i see that look good… Land claim getting a major overhaul would get me back online. New hairs… better outfits. (like, show some skin, not like stripper outfits…but summer clothes or something)

Right now, just switched from NA digital to Euro Disc, had give up my DLC… wishing they were non-region. Play-Asia wont take my damn credit card for EU cards. -_-’

I’d hope Single-Player rules set would be its own thing from Online. I miss my cave house. -_-’

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(Wish list)
Off the top of my head:

I would like to see more hair options for guys, I mean common! Some of the hairs for female would look good on guys too with a little tweaking (and vice versa.) I’m just a little annoyed at how many different girl looks i can make but guys have so fewer options (I play both btw.)

I want a basic, short, “floof” ponytail for girls, the ones we have now are nice bit i don’t always want long braids or side shaved heads. On console this would be awesome for when the hair animations break and turn into a single “bone.” A basic ponytail breaking would be less noticeable. (Think Riven’s hair from LoL.)

Land claim mechanics could use some tweaking …

Red Sonja outfits (movie or comic book, don’t care, they would add more flavor)

I also want them to remove buffs from armor and turn them into +1 -> +3 augments that can be added instead. That way we can dress for the weather but not be confined to “just the meta.”

Portable Siege weapons like battering rams, ladders and the like would also be nice.



:innocent: Oh - thats pure empathic intuition

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^^ This. The bombing meta to break into everything is getting so stale and old. I mean, I would expect barbarians with crude battering rams and ladders before improvised vase explosives.


I’m hoping for a general overhaul for armor and thralls.

Like… “Common Sense” patch I guess?

You know… things that look warm, ought to be warm. Things that look cold, ought to be cold.

Archers ought to do most ranged damage, fighters ought to do most melee damage, bearers ought to not do much, but have lots of HP…

General pet peeves that need ironing out… It’d rather the above than interior wetness fix TBH.

I know purge was worked on, but if they took the idea of item gathering, like for our bracelet, but you built a treasure, that would spawn a purged for certain enemy.

I.e. 5 trinkets around the map, or from random loot chest in the den, that deposits into a unique safe. Item has decay timer, 24hrs to get purged upon.

Dogs of the desert show up to purge you, trying to get item back.

Purge item can only acquired once a week.

Can only acquire 1 from 1 faction, not have various artifacts.

You get the general idea.

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