What's Next for Saga of Blood?



Top 10 is ofc the casters class, range dps are dominated to get the most kills obvious…
Maybe separate melee and caster top ten/five lists?


What about the elephant in the room:
Obvious alt farming?

Just browsing the leaderboards show some names that are 100% alt farming, will they be rewarded for that?
How will you deal with those people, does the community have to report them, or will a GM identify them and take a look at them when they are online?

I mean, the rules forbid alt farming, but how will you deal with it?


Okay, can you elaborate on what you think is more “fair” in terms of rewards? And what would you like to see instead of Leaderboard top 10? Help me help you :slight_smile:


I think top points (flag carries) in minis would have been an interesting leaderboard stat. Then maybe more people would actually try to play for that. Heals have been mentioned before, but that is an easy thing to play the parse without really showing good healers. Tournament mode or some type of group event. Maybe even seiges if you just assigned a Bk to a guild to defend, and had another to attack. Like a tournament mode seiges without the requirement of actually building it.


I should also add that we’re not planning on dumping leaderboards once Saga of Blood is over, so we could theoretically run other things on Crom/Fury/Future Sagas using the leaderboard tech. So any ideas on what you’d like to see are appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi AndyB!

I think if you’d like to do something for group PvP, it does not have to be high-tech. Simply make a post on the forums saying “hey, if you’d like to do some group pvp, post in this funcom-created thread with your team and what times you’re available to play”. Then, just draw up some brackets.

The teams then play each other and submit screenshots (for example, in a best of 3 minigames between the groups, each team will submit all 3 screenshots or forfeit.)

There don’t have to be huge rewards, or a huge amount of tech put into it. Just encouraging group pvp (which is where this game REALLY shines) would be a great step forward.

Maybe just having a weekly bracket for teams would be enough.

If you would like to discuss ideas, please send me a private message. I would love to help you guys out with ideas to encourage group pvp.


I would like to see Leaderboard listings for Achievements. Not just most points earned, but how many people achieved each and who have done some of the less common ones.


Cool thanks, I’ll send you a DM tomorrow morning when I’m back in.


Leadership board milestones for titles and vanity would be great too:)