What's that loud whoosh boom sound?

I’m in the lost city and I hear this loud whoosh boom sound going on and on, what is it?


Is it sound like stars falling from sky and hit the ground? I heard sth like that as well in jungle area

Same here, I asked people in the server because it was not normal.

It sounds like at 300x the normal volume, then a lot of different sounds, its like the yog temple but much worse. It didnt make much sense, nor I found what was causing it. Even if it made sense, the volume is too high, and it sounds so much it gets annoying xD

It’s the Jungle Queen boss in the Lost City. Whenever a player starts fighting there you’ll hear this noise.

I heard the same sound after defeating the queen. I think sometimes the sound bugs and you can hear all the time after lol

Yep killed witchqueen - sound was bugged and i heard it about 30 min , even relog didnt fix the sound lol.
Sound is generally delayd 2-5 sek on ps4 pro ! Horrible never had such bad sound experience in a game lol


That was it, before the sound started I had walked into the Temple of the Witch Queen.
I had no idea what was going on and after running around for a while I let the giant statue thing kill me to get out.

I looked up a video and discovered that the temple was glitched what I saw happen in there wasn’t at all what was supposed to happen, no colored light bars etc.

But I heard the sound in the video and realised that, that was when the sound started.

But it continued to play until I logged out.


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