What's the fastest way to collect bugs?

As a Derketo worshiper, I find I need excessive amounts of “handful of insects” to make the elixir of freedom and farm zeal. 10 handfuls per 1 potion/zeal.
What’s the best way to get these insects?

Walking around picking plants is a pretty slow and mind-numbing grind. Hitting bushes with an axe or pick sometimes gets bugs without any fiber or seeds, but not in any great quantity.

Is there an ideal tool I haven’t discovered?
Is there any other way of gathering them more efficiently?

Use a sickle (available at level 30 in steel tools feat) to collect plant material, I tend to get a lot of bugs if I do this.
And if you are not at this level then I’d probably just suggest constantly hand collect as you run around … Eg hold e when moving so you gather and you run on your way to something else.


Thanks I’ll give the sickle a try. I’m certainly not lacking for plant fiber, so I didn’t even give it a second glance.

If you do not need loads of plant fiber, take any other tool on bushes, bugs are a random drop item. So if you ax a bush, you get bugs without fiber. But you will use the tools health per use.

I was wondering this myself. It seems the drop rate is higher when you pick at fiber. I could be wrong and haven’t taken the time to experiment so someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. ^^

Sorry but this only responds to the title, straying off as I am in a funny mood.

Push out a patch, hold a spontanous 12 hour long event, reward anyone reaching a certain level some goodies.

But about the topic?
oof. I hate gathering them. I think derketo should have a plain simple 1=1 recipe.

I was in the same boat @Mr.Crom, slowly sinking :stuck_out_tongue:

A hatchet was the solution, hundreds from a 5 minute romp through the bushes. I hope you enjoy repairing them, though :slight_smile:

It does seem like you have a higher chance of getting bugs per “pick” if you do it by hand, but you’re only getting one bug at a time. If you use a sickle or an axe you get like 5+ when you get bugs on default settings.

Very true…But per ratio 1 per pick seems better if one doesn’t want the fiber. Where i used to have too many bugs, I’m lucky if i have a dozen while sitting on 100 fiber. It may ne a case of preference eh? Lol

Pfft. I just toss that extra fiber into a compost heap or turn it into twine or something. If nothing else, you can just toss it onto the ground. No need to actively avoid collecting it while trying to get bugs.

Lol… i do the same. Everything has it’s use. The bug ratio thingie is all i was curious of to help answer the original question ^^

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