What's the lore behind Arena Champion?

Hehe. It’s always like this:
Fan theory: Multiple essay-length histories and extrapolations, carefully cross-referenced and meticulously put together
Actual creator/author/Word of God: Dunno. Kinda thought it’d be cool, I guess.


They don’t look like sisters somehow … not at all.

Isn’t the Arena and its lore somehow interwoven with Tyros and his lineage of being half human, half giant king? Maybe I am confusing this with something else, but I remember him being the only arena competitor to slay the Dragon, which is now the Undead Dragon at the bottom of the Sinkhole. Being that Warmaker Khael is a giant king and that whole dungeon complex is filthy with giant kings, there must be some connection.

Or I could be confusing everything, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Call me crazy, but I also get the feeling, just a feeling, that the Arena Champion is somehow mixed up with the Witch Queen and Razma’s experience.

I guess, I’m not the only one who thinks there is a connection. I just read Khaletohep’s post.

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You are remembering that correctly :slight_smile: He is the son of the Priest King and is the one who defeated the Dragon in the Arena and pinned the Star of the Champion to its body as a sign of respect (I think it’s Warmaker Klael who makes a comment about seeing ‘one of your kind’ (human - so he seems to view Tyros in those terms) defeat a dragon and weep over its body. Maybe it’s the ‘magic talky stick’ that says it was Tyros - I think I’m remembering that bit correctly.

Ok, you’re crazy :wink:
(more serious answer: not a connection I’d ever made in the game, but I also see no evidence anywhere to suggest it isn’t the case. Personally, I rather like @JJDancer’s suggestion, but I suspect the reality is as @Mikey suggests - there may not be any official lore behind her at all. But, that being the case, all theories that can’t be disproved are equally valid, so there’s no reason there couldn’t be a Witch Queen connection. We know Petrusso (the Sandstorm Maniac) is a Lemurian left over from the war against the Giant Kings (he stopped the sandstorm from hitting the Lemurians and set it on it’s circular path ravaging the Giant Kings’ lands) - so it’s perfectly possible that the Arena Champion could be another from that period. Or, as seen with Razma, could be someone more recently ‘converted’ to that role by some item, in the same way as the mask did for Razma.)