What's the thrall decay time?

Hi all,
Currently I am only refreshing my clans base while we are waiting for bug fixes (for example invisible animals)
I was very happy to see that it should be fixed with the next chapter… And told it to my friends and was excited about the new purge system…
Today I logged in and all our thralls are gone. They decayed because nobody was online.

But our bases still exists. And the last time I was online was on 22th August… Is this a bug?

To be honest this takes my last hope to get this game back to me and my friends because after ONE year bugs are not fixed and I have the feeling they are getting worse…
I spend money at the bazaar and battlepass and I regret it now… Still have 2000 cc.
I would like to give it to someone else who is playing active and having fun with this game but I think there is no way to do it…

This was a great game for me and I had a wonderful time… But now it’s over again. I mean it’s not the first time that the motivation is gone because of bugs or other things… But this time it’s different. I have the feeling if I will come back after an year I would miss battlepass or bazaar stuff…


You’re not the only one, there are a few other recent posts from players experiencing the same thing, it’s for sure a bug … a very infuriating and defeating bug :frowning:


The only official server we are playing on is Siptah and decay is turned off
Generally thralls decay has been a few days more than building’s and only requires logging in not getting in a radius of them like buildings must be a bug. What kind of server were you playing on?

Some of the servers had thrall decay time set to one day.

Not a bug. Probably a mistake - a huge mistake with massive consequences, but not a bug.

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Agreed, I’ve since seen that the reason is because the server settings have been changed to a one day decay timer for thralls :frowning:

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Question is are they going to roll back the server’s?

surely not, this would be a massive job. They will [excuse and] ignore…

Hi sestus, I am playing on both and saw that siptah has still decay deactivated. But there I am playing alone.
I hope they roll back the or something else.

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I am hoping they make a roll back also. We are not currently playing on a official Exiles server but it needs fixing for those are

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