Wheel menu not working properly anymore New

@ZahMaiatt there was no need to close the topic but here you go.
Besides you gave me the wrong link.


Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private, public, Single Player & koop
Server Type: PvE, pvp, pvp-k
Map: Exiled Lands & siptah
Server Name: Aras

Bug Description:

since the update today, the wheel menu does not work anymore. I can not change, take back or set items from my inventory.

Also if i want to drop something from my inventory, other things will be droped, too.

If you don’t pay attention you will lose important stuff.

Oh and refilling water bags not working, even if i use it from inventory on the river.

Bug Reproduction:

Like in the video above


Im having the exact same problems

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The same problems here, want to drop something and suddenly you dropped something completely different :unamused:

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