Wheel of Pain bugged?

Game mode: Official Testlive
Problem: Bug

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Lads, I left a Slayer III overnight at the small wheel of pain and in the morning the icon of the Thrall looked like it was “finished” (without the load bar). When I tried to remove it form the wheel the game displayed the message the I would lose it if removing form the wheel. In resume, I think that when the thrall finished being slayed he bugged.

Repro steps:

  1. Put thrall in the wheel and turn it on
  2. Thrall finished being slayed
  3. When trying to remove it display the “if remove will lose it”
  4. Started slaying it again… TBC…

Ahh wheel…love them…so buggy. SO here is what might have happened. Sometimes, not all the time, when you log out your benches (including wheels) turn off, not always, but sometimes. SO you either ran out of food during the night and your wheel wasnt on, or you didnt have food in there at all.

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In my single player game I had wheels all over the map, at various camps. The one I had behind The Black Galleon kept turning off when I’d leave the area, without even logging out. (It had enough food for over 96 hours, so it wasn’t running out.)

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It had food and it was turned on… in the morning there was 250 food in the wheel!
The problem was that the “slaying bar”, at the bottom of the thrall icon, was 1/4 full and in the morning was back at 0!