Wheel of pain starts but dont finish

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [South america]

***so i put the thrall, the food, and start the lesser wheel of pain, i can see the breaking time white bar increasing and the food consumed but when the time for breaking is over, the thrall is not ready and i cant use it anywhere, i tried to restart, also taking the out and putting back in, but nothing happens. What should i do?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

is the thrall moved out of the slot and into the main ones?
if not is the white bar completely gone?

If you can remove the thrall it is done, an unfinished thrall is destroyed if removed. If it’s a crafter thrall it needs to be placed in it’s respective work bench in the thrall location box. If it’s a fighter, archer, dancer, or bearer it has to be placed like a building item.

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I have some issue with Alchemy cauldron: I start a (any) recipe but it doesn’t move on with a thrall or without it it doesn’t change a bit.

I think its working thank you guys i didnt know i have to put it in the inventory and apply it like a building or a forniture. The thing is once its done the icon is the same, i think it would be better if it changed so we would be sure its ready

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I know but still not always it starts “for real”.
Maybe it is still allocating item do the resource I don’t know.
Not so rarely (after the last patch) the game seems to require more time to know “what to do”…
Even in death it happens to me to stay dead for more than a minute before the game re-allocates me to a bedroll or desert.