When are we getting the fixes/QoL update/new DLC?

I can feel the hype is slowly going away

This game has potential, yes, and a lot of stuff to be left desired for, and it’s losing the player quickly without updates.

The official server I’m in used to be 40/40 almost all the time during prime time, it may took 30 minutes for me to get in. And now for the recent days, you don’t even see it go over 30 most of the time now.

We are getting a DLC in june, which is already here, and supposely the bug fixed and QoL patches are coming first. So I’m asking, just when are we getting them? I’m pretty sure Funcom will realize they are getting too many servers if their update is not quick enough, or postponded

They’re not going to give you a definitive answer. Because if they promise a time frame and it doesn’t happen (like the parity patch) we all get our panties bunched up and lash out.

You are right though, lapses without patches and hot fixes are indeed driving the player base away. Thought people need to understand they can’t just patch and patch and patch and patch. They have to wait a bit, see how a patch pans out see if it causes new issues or not. Then try the next.

Hot fixes are a different issue, and there should definitely be more of those coming out faster than they have been.

Yeah…I mean like the epic reptilian armor value bug, it takes like few seconds to change item’s armor value, but nope no fix so far

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