When bugs that are officially fixed are gonna be fixed for real?



You know, I just quoted this part of the latest patch note when opening this thread, since I have just lost a rare thrall in this very specific circumstance, but I could mention many other issue that are announced as fixed and in reality still there very much alive and kicking.
And this practice is going on since release.

I was wondering then, are you (you Funcom) lying to us when you compiling your patch note?
You know, a bit like when you write in your curriculum that you have successfully tested cold fusion.

Or is just that you have fixed the issue on paper but you actually never tested the game while patched and released ?
Or even that the dev pass to you PR guys a patch note that frequently does not mirror reality, because is them lying to you about ?

Really, I am puzzled at this point, I remember one of the first patch notes:

  • “fixed camera infinite stamina glitch”…and everybody went “oh finally”
    …then we logged in game and it was there untouched for another month.

What’s the story really here ?
Lack of communication with the dev team ? marketing (suicidal) strategy ? plain lies in our faces ?
I am really curious at this point.
Thanks for all the info you would gently give us about.


good luck getting bug fixes, we have been begging since release


Could you elaborate what exactly happened in your case please?

Please do, so we can check on the status.

Which issues specifically are you referring to? Happy to check on the status and make sure we have them noted down.

In these cases it comes down to a bug having several triggers. While we address one, there might be other specific scenarios that can trigger the same issue but we might not be aware of that fact. We test the fix with the info we have to the best of our knowledge and it passes. Which means it will end up in the patch notes as fixed.

That is one of the main reasons we do need as much detailed information and steps that led to the issue as possible from your reports.


Just had the dafari Aaoda Maneater one in a purge near the waterhole with the crock boss (you know the one wich learned to move recently)
Anyway, after I knocked her out she just fell throught the ground again.
Had to use the admin mode to spawn her back in and thrash her a second time.

eddid, I´in an SP game at the moment
the exact spot where it happened is the way up from the waterhole, towards the black hand ship, just where the green goes over to the mountain texture.


Really appreciate the info! Thanks. I am not sure that is exactly what the bug we fixed was referring to though. In the case of disappearing thralls there are several issues. It’s a very specific case as noted in the patch notes that we addressed.


Oh, right, I asumed it was as I never had a problem with vanishing thralls otherwise (it has happend during EA, but that´s cold coffee)
I have however vanishing items (wheels, stations, tents so on) if not buid on foundations, wich is sad, as it makes it unsave to build small camps without building a base at certain POI´s.


Vanishing items should leave an event and info in your in game event log that you can check. Also you can use a repair hammer to inspect building pieces to check their decay timer.


That´s the thing, they don´t show up in the log at all. a week ago I had 4 small wheels gone with no trace.
I since then stopped building without foundations.
And decay is switched of in my SP game always.

Eddid, the wheels fanished during a purge as well, but no log entry about them beeing destroid.


I understand your frustration, sadly I have had to use the troubleshooter approach on a lot of these issues to see if I could find crutches. For example 9 out of 10 times when a thrall falls off a cliff or through the world on knock out, I just run out of render distance and then run back in and the thrall will be there. I have had times though where I was dragging a thrall up stairs and let go and it got eaten by the stairs. In game stair assets or a slope.

Little things where you have to remove doors to place ceilings and stuff like that. I think perhaps I have been playing the game to long and to much that I have all this weird information to counter all the weird bugs.


The remove door to place ceilings was fixed during the Halloween patch.


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