When can we expect to get any news about the expansion this yeat

I havent heard anything about the upcoming Expnansion. 'ITs middle of April now, When can we expect to get news, screetshots, trailer about the exoansion? Q2 is approching quickly now. Wil there be any beta/testlive testing for the expansion?

Last I heard it’s planned for some time during the second part of the year, so I wouldn’t expect to hear any news on it until some time this summer at the very earliest (and I’m not even holding my breath for that really).

It is nice that we have a game to play and forget our problems, but this ‘virus’ crisis is not over yet. The worst thing is that the financial damage is yet to come. So asking for expansions or updates right now is not wise. Still dreaming of it is free and beautiful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Let’s survive first and the rest will eventually come :wink:.


Hmm, apparently we might have a name, actually:

Of course, speculation in the video aside, that may just be the name for the upcoming Argos DLC since they were a people known for their seafaring prowess. So I’m personally taking this as a big maybe pending any official word from Funcom.

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