When for hotfix?

Sounds like something a shill would say, not saying you are :wink: But if it quacks like a duck…

These are community managers doing their job of just typing stuff on the forums, there are no promises just more delay and deflecting. Funcom can say “we will make DLC a priority for this week.” But they refuse to say “we will make fixing the mess we made a priority, so the game is no longer garbage.” It’s very clear what their priorities, and we are not among them.

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hey Tascha,
the most frustrating thing is the lack of communication from funcom, also it takes ages till little things get fixed I started my own server just before the 500 patch and it was good. after the patch the server is literally dead - all of the many experienced players (most of them started Conan in early access) left for alternatives as they did not want to put up with all those little things that sum up to a frustrating game experience. Also the rumour that there will be a forced server wipe (which was neither confirmed nor dis-confirmed) did not help at all. A lot of people I was talking to felt abandoned and not supported at all.If this game was your bestseller well you guys have to make up for a lot of grief… just saying…

We always said there are no forced server wipes on official servers unless there is an extreme situation where we might see it necessary.

Also, in regards to communication, what are you referring to specifically?
We have stickies that we update as much as possible with known issues and their status. That includes stickies for each platform and the suggestion forums.
We have a weekly newsletter that details what the teams are working on and we are trying our best to keep you updated on schedule and patches in the news and announcement section.

And then we have the Live Streams which we’ll pick up again this week as well.

We also mentioned that we will have less frequent communication during the break we just had :slight_smile:

Additionally: it’s clearly stated in the Schedule thread that while the DLC is coming out this week, the other teams are working in parallel to fix bugs that were mentioned for PC Live after the latest updates.


Thx. for your reply…
I was particularly talking about the time of the break… It is not common that in that x-amount of time NO ONE is available to at least answer to their customers in some form. At some stage people where wondering of you guys still exist. before that everything was sort of okay… And the bugs have been a real pain in the bottom - as mentioned all my experienced player left the server one by one stating these as the reason. I hope you guys get everything sorted soon and the game will become enjoyable again. It is after all one of the best on the market. As a suggestion on the PR side of things - make the bugs more important than the DLC - believe me it will pay off…
Thank you for you work
Kind Regards


Its clearly to me that youre devs need help!
And you make such stupid decisions!


The last 6 months looks like a endless loop – You deliver “bug fix” to fix x bugs while creating x2 new bugs.
After this all the community raise and shout on the forums about how broken the game is, and funcom respond are allways delayed (or most times no respond at all which make your customers pissed as F if u didnt know).
Than come big announcement about how they gonna fix everything but first DLC ofcurse.
than come people who says DLC development has nothing to do with bug fix (this is so wrong… making DLC might have 50% the work on the design team, but it other ppl who implement it into the game).
So that make your customers all pissed as F because it shows us you prefer $$ than fixing your mistakes that destroy the fun for us.
So now this things will go on for 2-3 weeks untill they the deliver the fixs… but than what will be the new bugs? and what bugs will come with the new taming?
anyway. its clear to anyone with BRAIN your developers “TEAM” are probably one person, thats why everything so slow. u make money but dont get more workers to make this game what he could have been.
now after you lost over 50% of your player base, and keep losing more every day u talk about DLCS…
Good luck in the future Funcom


LOL, 6 months? one and a half year, please check the bugs reports during early access, most bugs are there since day 1 and haven’t been fixed. I would accept it from an indi game dev, but funcom is quoted on the stock market and gained subsidies from their state…


I meant since it came out of EA. because its ok to have bugs in EA thats the all point of making one

HI Tascha,

No one really cares about what’s “clearly stated in the Schedule.” It’s a nice way of saying, “we are prioritizing DLC because we are prioritizing DLC.” Not only is this deflection, but it literally conveys no information.

Here’s what we DO care about, and the dev team needs to address NOW. Bugs that have existed for a year, and especially those that are created with the recent fiasco of 500 bugs patch. Stupid little typos, TYPOS that still haven’t been fixed. Game breaking bugs like AI, resources being buggy, purges, bugged bow damage, thrall recipes, etc etc etc

“Bugs that were mentioned for PC Live”??? Yet another attempt at deflection? You mean the pitiful handful bugs that are selected to be there? We don’t want selective fixing of bugs YOU GUYS feel comfortable looking at, compile to the list AND FIX ALL the bugs.

Or not, game is dying as it is anyways.


DLC was finished long ago. Doesn’t make sense to withhold it just because someone wants bugs fixed now that’s done by an entirely different team.

But maybe you have seen some game breaking bugs for the artist team? :smiley:


Just FYI art department has nothing to do with actual implementation of the new items in the game.
It is not entirely different team. Entirely different team just draws the concepts and so on. Turn your logic on.

And dont forget about “certification” oh sony takes their time… Agree with the general gist that there are a few issues that can be fixed by hotfixes and the Modding community have already implemented some which kind of leaves a sour taste in regards to consoles as we dont get mods so just need to sit in the corner and cry while PC canget by with mods…


Guess the new DLC added more bugs, surprise surprise? Let’s see if any of the bugs from the past month will be fixed in the next year, don’t hold your breath though.

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Oh my god when you people stop bringing that “artist team” bull crap.
Artist team only makes the textures, the models etc.
It does not magically just appear in the game after the texture is done in, say, Photoshop.
After it is done, the devs, yes those same devs that work on bugfixes, need to IMPLEMENT those textures, models, in the game. Assign them IDs, values, references and many more.
Designers do not do that. That mythical “artist team” has absolutely nothing to do with the stuff they’ve created actually appearing in the game. Guess who does?


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