When is enough for the devs to actually step in. For real?

Log in once a week to refresh your stuff, don’t read signs while refreshing. They will get bored and leave.
Otherwise, get the 60+ people who quit to chip in a couple of bucks and rent a server.


^ this

The more I read, the more I have to admit that old flag/manual landclaim idea wasnt too bad at all…

Back when I read about these ideas, I was like “wow, that would be limiting everyone too much”.
The post was about 1 mainbase and at most up to 2 side/wheelbases per clan.

The only Issue is what to use for that landclaim. Some suggested altars, but I myself would prefer a 2x2 flag thingy. Multiple tiers, each higher tier claiming more land, allowing to build bigger.
Starting at idk… 5x5x10 foundations? Second like 10x10x20 and third like 20x20x50?
First one built from fiber, second from silk, third eighter silk+alchemic base OR the processed silk at lvl 60.

But as long as that isnt the case…
First off I would send reports to steam. About insulting, as walling off is just abusing game mechanics.

And if that wont help…
If Funcom is okay with whole clans being walled and highly insulted on multiple levels…
It may sound nasty, but sometimes one has to adapt. And use the same weapons against those people.
Form a serverwide alliance.
Block them off as they did with you.
First you will need to search each and every corner.
Second grind hell out of the game, pool all the resources into the most active clan/player. Have him build the wall around them griefers. Around. Each. *******. Base. Of. Them.

But beware: They will become way more agressive. So you better prepare, trying to build where you cannot be blocked yourself. Needless to say, using their weapons against them doesnt include insults of course!

Also this might teach you that building near unblockable obelisks is the best thing to do. Eighter that or building at some place where you dont need to use obelisks. We learnt that lesson ourselves like 2 weeks ago.

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Look, I play on that server, I think Lucifer is a good guy, he may not like me saying this because yeah, it ISN’T affecting me, other than the one blocked obi I’ve had no actual contact with the tribe in question, I’d rather keep it that way.

Man I’m sorry you got targeted but you surely know you were targeted by them, and they got you good, simply because you keep this up. It really is time to let it go.

You’re one of the good guys Lucifer, but you’re letting this take over your whole gaming experience here.

I joined the server knowing full well about your posts, and what that tribe where doing. I’ve never had trouble with them, other than one time they stole a kill and skinned the elephant but I was only there to help a lower level player. Sure it was rude, but there’s a lot more elephants on the savannah. Aside from blocking one obi, that I knew about when I joined the server, I haven’t had issues with them.

I can only assume the signs are a troll response to anyone that lets it get to them.

This thread is already sidetracked enough, and will no doubt get locked, but the original question remains, what do funcom consider to be worthy of them taking action on official servers, I’m curious about that myself. Their response is a little vague, what for example WOULD constitute a so called game breaking thing that they’ll step in?

Meanwhile I’m mostly having more fun in single player with mods while I await bug fixes and frankly some end game content.

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Indeed they probably are.

Another question that springs my mind would be, how did the trolls know to use these types of phrases against him, I can only guess that Lucifer has been quite vocal to them in-game to become the target. In my experience, players don’t normally become a target for no reason at all.

This type of trolling is widespread in other games too, in RUST for example, players can draw on huge canvases, there you’ll end up with huge penises or German swastik logos on your walls.

I can also see why Funcom won’t/can’t just ban players from servers because of a few sign messages.

Like others have said, just ignore it Lucifer, those troll players are clearly already bored in-game and will most likely move on soon. Don’t engage with them in the in-game chat, the more your complain, the more they will think it’s funny.


I can assure you he has, and they’ve been extremely effective at “getting to him” . Lucifer is a great guy on the server, help you with anything. But this is clearly eating him up and sadly ruining his enjoyment of the game.

I like him, but enough is enough. The server 1930 isn’t unplayable and we know they don’t admin official servers, at this point it’s just feeding the trolls. I only created an account on these forums just to respond in this thread, I generally just go with it. It’s a shame to see someone that’s a really nice guy get so consumed with something that it’s ruining the experience for him.

Luci, it’s time to let it go.

irks me more when people assume everyone is american… ie first amendment only works in the US… stop assuming you have rights when you don’t.

But yeah, playing a game, or shopping somewhere is NOT a right, you don’t have the right to walk into my house, you don’t have the right to tell a company not even based in the US how to do biz. Some peeps be dumb.

Honestly this thread will get locked soon enough, muh rights don’t mean jack. Mostly because peeps can’t stay on topic, ie, what exactly do the devs consider to be a thing that they’d step in and fix.I’m actually curious myself what they mean by that.

PvP servers can fix themselves, it’s PvE that’s a problem.

I appreciate everyones answers some I agree with some I don’t. I will say this and the ones that are left on my server and started when I did. I’m not the first tribe they have done this too, I am however the last tribe who wont leave. 4 other tribes they went after before myself. Freemason, exhiles,zzxens another player they followed around for 3 days blocking everywhere they built. I do ignore them I erase the signs and move on, now since I havent left they have tripled there effforts and come on 4 times a day. They said yesterday 2 things and they would remove all blockings move some building bottom of volcano and 100.00 .
I have ignored but like my wife said because I wont give up etc the day I do is a huge win for them. This forum was about signs needing fixed, the blocking of the oblesk and the decay cheat, thats all.

No building there

People ask why do I stay simple.
Dev tacha stated anything blocking players enjoyment of the game with undisputed proof they will take action. I don’t bother them I ignore them 2 weeks removed 40 signs from not just my base but other and didn’t say a word. I wont publish anymore posts and wont even say anything anymore they can do what they want.

  1. Bridge of betrayer (blocked)
  2. Shattered springs Oblesk being walled up to be blocked.
  3. Shattered springs all walled in (blocked)
    4)now they are trying every Oblesk in game
    5)Placing signs not just myself 4 other tribes

They could easily make a hotfix about signs 2 months ago when told.
Over 200 screenshots have been sent in as undisputed proof , but I realized something funcom just doesnt care so as of now I dont ethier my apologies to the people I offended. To maymays comment 911 is over get over it. Not even worth the response…keep posting. As i said this is last post

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Also, Shattered Springs is not blocked, only the obelisk.

Also, Lucifer, you’ve said you were going to stop posting about this how many times now? It’s just time to stop already.

This isn’t a productive discussion. It’s been established that official servers do not have any in-game moderation.