When is going to be the update

Hi guys, I know it’s today but I didn’t read anywhere WHEN is it going to come.
I don’t want to start playing and find myself kicked out of the game while facing a boss.

So, when (hour/minute) is going to be this update ?

seem to me the basic thing in communication is to announce the hour of the release, or at least a window for the release. otherwise it mean they have no idea of when they will release it today, and that means that this version will certainly not be ready to release if they release it in rush.

You mean was it rushed to meet an arbitrary date? Never. Surely not. Perish the thought. I mean it’s technically possible. I mean maybe. Okay it’s likely. Alright it totally was.


Knowing FC…in 4 hours-ish. Right before they go home in Oslo and leave NC to deal with anything that goes drastically wrong.

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