When is the Soothing status applied? It seems inconsistent


OK, I feel kind of dumb having to ask this, but what’s the criteria for getting the game to apply the Soothing status?

I ask because simply having a neutral temperature is NOT consistently bestowing this upon my character on the PvE Official I play on. For instance, when I boot into the game, naked in my bedroom at Mounds, the temperature bar is near the top of the white thermometer inside the temperature graphic, and I have the Soothing status.


Yet if I run around, check my fishtraps, have some food & water, wait for the cooling effect to end and the return to the exact same spot and temperature… nothing. :man_shrugging:


Even with swapping various pieces of clothing to try different points on the temperature gauge:


In fact, I had to turn off all the fireplaces, equip my desert/volcano gear, and get to just barely above Cold before it reappeared:


So it seems to me that the whole middle-portion of the temperature gauge, where we would intuitively expect it to be considered a “neutral temperature” is being disregarded in favor of a couple narrow bands at the mid-high and mid-low ends of the gauge.

In case it matters, here’s my current attribute distribution, you’ll not I’ve spec’d more than enough into Vitality to get the 2nd perk. Could it be that the “diminishing” effect of Impervious is nerfing Soothing?

Note: The blue mark in the corner is because I’m using Parsec to remote into my home PC while offsite, it’s not a mod or anything like that. This is on a PvE Official.


Hey @Larathiel

There’s an issue with this status and our team is looking into it. That’s why it seems inconsistent :slight_smile:


OK, I was uncertain over whether to post this in Bugs or Players Helping. Thanks for the heads-up!

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