When mounts are released will it just be horses?

I am hoping there will be more some variety. Camels, hopefully.

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Yes and they will count as a pet/thrall as your single follower.

@Arbhas They first will release only horses as mounts but they already are considering to add other types of mounts. In the Devkit you already can find a camel with a riding saddle.
IMO possible candidates are Elephants and camels.

@TwoJay - I am on board with adding more mount types. It would be cool if elephants are added that mammoths are added for the North.

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I’m hoping for woolly rhinos in the north to be added someday. Riding a woolly rhino through the frozen wasteland would be awesome.

Yes, we need variety in our mounts. We need camels, rhinos, elephants, and Hodors. :grinning:

I was thinking one of those big Moa birds would make a good mount

To complement the list of cool Mounts: Dragons

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