Mounts - Will there be different type of color horses?

I was wondering with the mount update coming are we going to get horses in different colors? I would love to see horses in black, white, red, and pale in order to create the four horseman of the apocalypse for my personal guard.

I’m hoping there will be different breeds of horses depending on what you want (stat build)?

Clydesdales for encumbrance.
Thoroughbreds for sprinting (stamina).
Arabian for agility.
Friesian for strength.
An ‘ole Paint’ for a level 1 Exile type of horse (easy ride).
Shetland pony for . . . decoration.

I also hope there’ll be wild Mustangs for the taming, too. How long can you stay on before being thrown while trying to ‘tame’ your wild horse?

Survival experience ain’t your thing?

This is Conan. Taming a horse will probably mean punching it in the face.


I hope there are a couple of colors on launch!
But most of all I want to be able to craft an undead horse in my firebowl cauldron!!! :skull::skull::skull:

Then we can move on to different mounts like the aforementioned Sabre, Rhino, Elephant, Spider, Bear…you get the point.

! ! ! U N D E A D :skull: H O R S E :skull: M O U N T ! ! !



I think that on launch the options may be kind of limited, this is natural and hopefully people will not take to the forums to protest about lack of options, the first release on live servers is going to have bugs to fix and things to optimize and that will be best done with a standard few mount types, heck there may even just be one mount type untill things are running smoothly. I think that once the mount system is at an acceptable level of functionality and optimization that then they will venture more into expanding the variety that a mount system can bring.

So pretty much just prepare yourselves for there not being a lot of variety on launch, I am confident variety will be added and then even contiued to be expanded upon as things get more stable. It opens the doors for new DLC’s to add mounts and even armors for mounts, even different species of mounts who knows. Let’s just wait and see how the mounts work upon implementation before we start requesting variation and customization for the newly implemented feature.

TLDR: don’t expect much variety in the beginning, but knowing Funcom Variety will come when things are at a stable and acceptable level of functionality to warrant such further developments.


Undead horse?! Bah.

I want to ride on an undead monstrosities shoulders cross legged. Like some sort of necro buddha

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I mean the potentials are exciting to say the least, so long as the mount implementation goes well and runs smoothly, Wolf mounts, bear mounts, Rocknose, heck maybe even some mods will have thrall mounts, Replace the backpack on my barer thrall with my own fat*** and watch as they carry me across the map… Could even have a carried tent mount, 4 thralls carrying a held carriage like you are some kind of royalty. Oh the possibilities :slight_smile:

Oh those exist already, though perhaps not quite in the way you meant.

:laughing: I believe I know which kind of mods you are referring to, I have not yet stepped into those corners of the game but I have heard many things about what goes on in the shadows lol

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