When will age of sorcery come to to all systems?

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I wonder when it will be ready. Hopefully before December. There are other games and dlc coming out in December.

Quarter 3 of this year is what they announced as target. July-September.

From the dev stream it looks pretty polished so we may see some test live in July and are probably ready for Console submission by mid august with expected target date of first week September. This will give a full 30 days to confirm the BP systems and group deliverables are on target for quarterly BP’s. The reason they would want to ensure stability in these things by Oct is due to Dune. In October, then will have a full year to formally kick that project into high gear so that game release is in sync with the movie premiere month. CE unit needs to be stable so company development resources can congeal around getting Dune ready.

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Let’s hope it quicker. There are a lot of games coming out this year. Alot of them has to do with magic.

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