Why should you all be worry that sorcery hasn't been started yet?

That means settlement system will be delayed. Unless the development team decides to skip sorcery. Which would be a dumb thing to do. One of the dumb things that going to happen is 500 preorder keys will happen in testing live patch. Making preorders a joke. This was confirmed by Tascha. First no sorcery. Then free preorder bonus. Giving away preorder bonus is like cutting off your own leg. It makes no sense. Funcom you just made preordering worthless. Thanks for fliping off preorders like me. I wish I never preorder. 65 dollars flushed down the toliet.

The delay in sorcery will delay all future major updates. All but patches. The development must understand this. There will be bugs/glitches in the other Major updates.


In game development, in any kind of large project, sometimes priorities change. You move some things around, you put other things on ice, and you re-prioritize. It’s perfectly normal and happens all the time. We realized that we had several critical issues that needed attention, so we pivoted towards focusing on that.

We know you’re very excited and anxious about the current status of the sorcery system, and we’ll update you when we have more to say about it.

Now, about the other things you mentioned:

The settlement system was an idea we had early on to add more NPC life to bases. It wasn’t very clearly defined, but we had some high-level ideas. Many of the ideas we had for a Settlement system were abandoned due to re-prioritization or because they didn’t work well enough within the framework of the game. Some of those ideas trickled down into other features, like dressing and equipping your thralls, having them follow you, and needing to feed them.

Giving away the Atlantean Sword to Testlive testers was absolutely not intended to “flip off” those who pre-ordered the game. If it came across that way we apologize. It was meant to be an incentive for people to test the new features on the Testlive branch. That’s all. Some players don’t have the Atlantean Sword available to them and we wanted to offer something in return for checking out the Testlive features.


A craftable flawless epic version of the Atlantean Sword would de-trivialize one of the most iconic assets in the Conan universe, considering it is a cornerstone of Conan and entire classes.

Also a settlement system would simply fall into place if players could create alliances, which allowed allies to build within land claims of one another.

This is a feature that made ARK PvE great: Public infrastructure centered around the obilisks run by an alliance. PINed containers etc.

But conflict and competition seem to be encouraged in the exiled lands, so I can see why foundations to civilizations or culture isn’t implemented, but then on the other hand there were plans for settlements?

A bit dychotic.

Is test live available to consoles?
Not that I care about a subpar sword, just asking for a friend… :slight_smile:


No it’s only for pc available.

Bryan chill… sometimes life changes, we can’t fix it or take it personally…
since you answered my question, I hear you…
now hear me… take a deep breath… do what you do to blow off steam… we’ve clashed in the past but yer a good guy…

Magic was ruled out a while ago, sorry to say…

Repetition won’t change that…

Pm me if you feel the need dude…

I think the settlement system would really start to shine if we got thrall commands and thrall animations(hint hint :wink:)


I am guessing that the Settlement system kind of hovers about what the pippi mod has in the Thespian system? On the private servers much of the great things mentioned in the ‘settlement system’ link canare already be incorporated and are active. IIncluding that kind of stuff in the core system (or as a Village DLC) = awesome (although, of course, I can only imagine the griefers and exploiters will be all over this faster than a New York cab pressing the horn after a light change) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
PS: thank the art crew again for all the awesome designs and the programmers for making it happen.

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I think a settlement system should happen eventually. It’s not a priority, of course, but it should definitely be taken under consideration. New dungeons, while certainly nice, will get old and boring pretty fast and it’s impossible for any company to keep up with the community’s desire for new content.

And considering how much time is spent on creating our bases, it would defintely be nice to have life added to them.


Even something simple like being able to assign a patrol route, rather than just a “stand here 24x7!” command would work wonders for the illusion of life in one’s base.


My favorite thing about CEs aside from the building? No magic.


I dunno, I made a map room last night for the first time. That was pretty magical :smiley:


I offer a way for a beta testing of the settlement system. My idea For NPC allies that you create. It would be for offline mode and PVE due to balancing reasons in not being in PVP. You can searched my old closed topics.

Giving away the preorder bonus is flip off to the preorders like me. I and other Preorders supported the game before launch. And it feels insulting. And a hurtful burn to us preorders.

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Put things on Ice isn’t always best. Small weekly patches go far. Small patches to add minor updates and fixe bugs/glitches go far. We are your gamers. Let us help. Every bugs/glitches report is us trying to help you. Tell us what all fix so we can test your patches.

Magic wasn’t rule out. It just hssn’t been started yet.

And Bryan, it may never be started… I once sent a ‘love letter’ to Kirsten Dunst, but she never replied…
I could keep sending letters hoping she does or just face facts…

Do you play on pc? Use your energy to learn how to mod… I’m thinking quite a few people would love your contributions.

In one of their streams they said they would not be implementing sorcery, its been put on hold permanently, just as mounts have been. Not open for discussion, decision has been made not to pursue those.

Why do you think corruption exist? The whole reason for corruption was to make powerful sorcery users. The sorcery system put on hold until bugs/glitches are fix.

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Prove it. You haven’t link your proof. Sorcery was promised apond the marketing. Even the main game designers said sorcery was going to be a thing.