Why should you all be worry that sorcery hasn't been started yet?

Here is where they discuss that no active development is happening with sorcery. They said if they start working on it again they will notify the userbase. But listen to the whole video, to me sounds like its not gonna be worked on. Maybe they will revisit it at some stage, but I am not hopeful.

Anyways direct link: https://youtu.be/xDhPcjgYzXc?t=1522


It states there no hope for mounts. There is hope for sorcery.

Bugga that! I made it through the Spider Halls of Hell. That was magical - miraculous even… :joy:

Next focus is bugs I believe, and then after that they don’t say. But yes you are right there is “hope”, but really they are never gonna do sorcery. So yes very sorry, my comment was not accurate, yea its mounts that will never be implemented.

I haven’t been here long, but it sounds to me they have a lot of things they need to fix first, and then after that most likely dune. I don’t think they will ever get to sorcery if they “made a design decision” to not work on it anymore.

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Sorcery is just put on hold. There won’t be fireballs and other elemental magic. Curses,Necromancer and ritual summoning magic was confirm.

I love that you care so much about this aspect of the lore. I don’t care at all about it. I Never “mained” a magic user in any mmorpg. I never created a magic user in D&D or Rifts. It’s not for me. Your nonstop complaining annoys me, but I love that you’re that passionate about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think many times people view complainers on the forums as a negative. This game is absolutely amazing. So amazing that most of us, if not all, can always imagine how much more amazing it could/can be. When I purchased this game it was due to the building aspect. (shoutout to Shadversity) When I found out full nudity and gore was a part of it, I was sold. When I found out I could play solo I was devoted.

This game allows me to build, create, design and struggle to do so. I censored love it. Behind all of that, are all the wants for it to be even better.

I have no care at all for sorcery. I understand why someone would want it. People may be annoyed by you, myself included. Your passion for the game is obvious though.

People quit complaining when they quit caring about a project. (or if they are satisfied…but I’ve never seen that)


I hope they do add sorcery, I think it would be cool. Once I am lv60 for a while and done most of the content, getting something new like sorcery might keep me in the game longer. Just if you watched the video and check their expressions, especially when he says that he hates to bearer of bad news, he sounded totally defeated, like its not ever gonna happen. Hopefully I am just reading too much into body language.

Someone said Sorcery?

I can only recommend playing PCs so mods are an option. FC has other priorities right now, and I prefer getting those bugs eradicated


I don’t look forward to it at all tbh, especially if it becomes meta defining.

Sorcery in these types of games tend to be significant game changers.

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Most DnD games avoid giving you the option in being a Lich. This game promised my real self to come out. My Lich Form. I want an undead army. My forbidden necromancery wants to play.


No! That elemental magic.

It sounds like a decent way to reward people for helping to make the game more polished.

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Sorcery adds to the Conan lore. By having Necromancery,rituals,transformations and curses will not make magic over power. I agree fireballs and other elemental magic wouldn’t fit in Conan Exiles. I am tired of fireballs and other elemental magic in other games. Rarely is Necromancery given to the player. Even rarer is Lich Form given to the player. Transformations are super rare magic.


Bryan is definitely persistent. He’s been posting about this for a few months and now I’m excited about seeing some magic in Conan too.

Shad actually inspired me to come back for a new character and try building a proper castle with MAchiCOlations!!! lol

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There was this guy with a large piece of land. And the land had to be worked.
So the guy went and hired a bunch of people and he paid them really well.

But the work was not getting done! So the guy went and hired another bunch of people and he paid them the same. And still it did not look like the work was getting finished in one sprint.

So the guy went again to hire more people. By now it was afternoon and he met people who would not get a wage today. So he hired them and paid them the same.

And so at long last the work was done and everyone had been paid. But the first workers complained they “only” got a good deal. And the guy said: you got a good deal and I’m nice. Suck it!

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There Once was a Lich whom had a living army. The people complain they needed more food. Even though they all were fat. The animals were over feed and lazy. Guards left thier post. Workers were lazy. The Lich snap and ate all thier souls. Then reanimate the dead. Now the Army and pets are undead and doing thier jobs. That Lich is me. I hunger for souls.

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You push my rage button. My blood boiling. So someone whom preorders a game for 65 dollars should lose preorder items to someone who bought the game for 15 bucks? That your fairness? I preorder. DLC free too? Why not just punch everyone whom support the game? “Clearly that makes sense.”

I supported the game before launch. I deserve my rewarded. No to making all cosmetic DLC free. No to making preorders bonus free or available now.

A lot of games release pre order content at a later date, not only this one. Getting mad at that is like getting mad at the weather.


You realize that you can buy the “Conans Atlantean Sword” in “some website” for a dollar right ? the giveaway was nothing.

Some on say that and got banned. Be careful the cops are on forum mate. :))

As for magic ? hahahaha Game fells and move like is early access what is new in this game is just content and im shore Funcom will deliver more. They already focus on new game Dune so the the best Coders will go there this game will be left with skelet team, the best people will be move to make shore the next project will be ok. That is the way corporation work.