Why should you all be worry that sorcery hasn't been started yet?

fixed it xD

paid dlc after release are fine of course.
look at other game companies like cd projekt red, witcher releasing exclusive items at a later date for free.

It’s kind of OK at the moment…

The Atlantean Sword is a waste, so nobody’s missing out.
If they make a flawless epic version of it, and offer it up as a DLC, i’m ok with that. Everyone wins.

Just wish they’d implement a skin system already. Everytime I use cosmetic skins on ARK, I have to think of the Atlantean Sword.


Are you saying the development team abandon this game?

Tell that to warframe founders. Excal prime still not out as dlc or able to buy. Funcom needs to respect preorder. That the differences between making 60 bucks vs making 20 bucks.

Tell that to fallout 4. DLC still pay only. Tell that to all other dlc. The ps3 dlc not free.

I actually did a bit of research and there is only 1 game in existence that does lichdom/ necromancy right…

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

It’s a really old game, but the story and game mechanics are actually centered around necromancy… like you can literally kill your quest givers and pull information out of their tortured souls to further your progress.

Another excellent necromancer game is Diablo 2 and 3. I have a blast playing the necromancer class there, blowing skeletons up etc.

But curiously, the idea of necromancy/lichdom hasn’t been explored much from a game mechanical point of view, even though a phylactery has a built-in explanation for quick-saves and quick-loads, or in CE’s case, waking up in your bed again after dying.

Whatever the case, talking about this every single day isn’t going to bring CE closer to lichdom… they’ve already noted your passion.

I could also repeat over and over again on how a cosmetic wardrobe system is needed, but it’s not gonna make it happen any faster, if at all.


Stares into your soul with my Lich self. I hunger for the dark arts. A Lich’s phylactery could be anything. That ring you wearing. That neckless. Even earrings. An old tome. An old throne. The buckle on an belt. Or maybe a gold coin.

I am Bryan Skull ancient Lich. My magic is unholy. I want sorcery.

My phylactery would be a tampon. Blood by the plenty. Good source of power.



Do you know what a Phylactery is? Phylactery holds a Lich’s soul. Lich can’t stay dead. They reform a new body. Their soul is locket in a phylactery. You spend a fortune to make a phylactery. Gold and dark ritulas are what makes a Lich. Lots of gold. Destroy a phylactery and you destroy the Lich.

Mine in another real bound to a crown to the royal family.

Your phylactery is a crown?
Guess I will have to upgrade my tampon phylactery to this then:

Those devices were use on women as punishment. Usually a death from blood lost. Mine a crown pass down. No ill will to the crown user. I can spy on the kingdom this way. Of course a beautiful crown isn’t going to be destroyed. My phylacetery is a Gem on the crown. The gem impossible to destroy without my dagger. My dagger locked in my castle. Behind a hidden wall. That wall leads to an underground cellar. That cellar is immune to magic. 25 keys are needed to unlock that cellar. 10 Orgers are needed to open the cellar doors. There are 100 treasure chest. 99 of them are traps. 1 holds the safe the dagger in. A 5 crest key is needed to be found. The 5 crests are hidden as neckless to 5 rulers of different realities. This 5 crest bless the ruler farms with good harvest. Each ruler knows only that their crest bless the farms under them. My castle in the ethereal realm. My Castle gaurded by ethereal dragons of all sizes,ethereal wyverns,legions of undead,banshees,ghosts,Flaming skulls,bats,vampires,trolls,ogres,golems and elementals.

If I wanted to secure a phylactery, i’d toss it into a black hole, where the laws of physics cease to work, and where the phylactery would be frozen in time in the event horizon. I’d do this with the help of a Telemancer.

Safe from space time, and even causality itself. The only thing that works is quantum entanglement, which is how I’d imagine the magic behind phylacteries would work like.

One would assume that the phylactery would be destroyed when tossed into a blackhole due to the incredible forces of gravity, but considering time slows down, the closer one get’s to a black hole (relative to the beholder, not the object) it will remain undestroyed for a very…very very – VERY – long time.

Any cypher can be decyphered in time, but when time itself is your cypher… that’s a different story.

I may not be able to spy upon the royal family, but I am also not exposed to them being informed that the crown jewel is a phylactery. Nothing worse than being hostage to a royal family.

A black hole would destroy your phylactery. No phylactery = your Lich soul and body destroyed.

Did you read the title of this topic? I know sorcery is on hold. That delay will cost funcom.

Any delay costs a company.

I just don’t see sorcery having the level of importance that you think it does.

Conan tells you what he thinks of sorcery…could this be an easter egg from Funcom??? Bold letters for reference.
Any fool can see that you need answers. Left hanging for the vultures on that cross. A cursed bracelet that keeps you trapped in this place. Everybody trying to kill each other. I should leave you all to your fate. I don’t have the stomach for sorcery. Give me a foe that I can strike with cold iron! Bah! I’ll be here a while. The wine tastes like boiled camel’s piss and the bread’s halt-weevil, but I’m comfortable enough. If you have questions… ask.


What do I know of sorcerers and their feuds? I do not dabble in the dark arts. But whoever, and whatever, put you here is a wielder of the dark arts. You are like a wolf in a trap. You struggle to flee and yet, in the end it will kill you. Be smarter. Find out what they want. Then hold it close. They will come for it and then… Your jaws around their throat.

last one

I wandered for a while after I pulled you from that cross. In the south, I found desperate souls and Darfari man-eaters. In the east, apes that walked like men among the overgrown ruins of an ancient city. I found an amphitheatre where the ancient dead walked and the memories of ancient battles stained the sand. It stank of sorcery. So I left.

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