When will the testlive be finally implemented?

As someone metioned that isle of sipath has problem with their being little wildlife. I hope that’s resolved in the upcoming patch. I’m just curious when the testlive will finally be implemented… I really want to play on isle of sipath more than exiled lands… but the issue of lack of wildlife can be irksome. Will see an official update tomorrow? I understand it been like 4 weeks since the testlive b was announced I believe…

I really hope they’ll push it to live after the building contest ends. I’m short on time these days and I would like to at least try to get a submission in, without having to worry about dealing with any new bugs from an update.


I don’t think I have seen any mentioning of adding wildlife in the patch notes. This patch focuses on new combat animations, balancing and QoL features. Considering that it is the time of the summer holidays, I doubt the patch will be pushed to live in the next month or so.


Magic 8 Ball says… unsure. The fact of the matter is, we don’t work for Funcom, so we can only speculate as to when it’ll release. There’s also console certification, which may delay it further.


They planned to release it after summer break which is near end of August and might be early September. Depending if there was a change in plans but I don’t know exactly the date. It’s on testlive entry

We’re very excited to bring you this update early so you can download it and give it a try and help us shape it during its Testlive period! If you give it a try, please let us know what you think of it and help us shape into its better version before it is released live after the summer break. That’s what it says I just copy and paste

thank you for the direct answer.

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