When will there be a new official pve server?

As the title says,when will there be a new official pve server?
For new players, the old official pve server is full of old player buildings on the entire map. Some tribes even have dozens of buildings scattered around the world. I think that too many slaves are not the only thing that affects the speed of the server. Too much is also one of the reasons.
If the official feels that deleting too many buildings for old players (just like deleting too many slaves) will be unfair to them, I think it is possible to open some new official servers and limit the enclosure area of each tribe on the new server. Those old servers that have been taken over, let those overlords linger in the empty world.
I hope to be seen by the official. Thank you.

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Not all official ones are like that. FUncom keeps us as slaves to the game, but they also clean up other players messes.

I have been on one official server since early access. Every 3-4 months an old player pops in to visit.

On weekends Ive never seen 20 people on the server ever. Even during the week CE weekend, we had 10 or so new folks, but they went away like diaper rash. Slow and painfully.

The moral of the story is, the grass IS greener on the other server

I have n’t interviewed and played in your server, so I do n’t make more evaluations of the server you are in. As far as I am concerned, I am not a new player. I also have some own buildings in the server (official server) It was just a while ago that when I was planning to take my friends to the new official server for a game, I found that it was really difficult to find a satisfactory and convenient plot of land. As you said, there are very few players online, but their foundations are spread all over the world, and they only need to be online once a week (one-second stay), these buildings become permanent, and newcomers who ca n’t wait for the building to decay may be like The diaper rash also disappeared.
FUncom may have their own understanding of this phenomenon. I may hope that new players can see that green grass grows instead of sandstone foundations on the land.

The biggest problem on PvE servers are those big players who only login once every two weeks for a few seconds, just to refresh their gargantuan bases on the off chance that they might want to play again 1-2 years later. There should be a way to get rid of those.


Well, if you’re talking about PC, it would help if all the new players didn’t seemingly sort on server population and then join the most crowded one. :confused:

It would also help if the server browser defaulted to not showing crowded servers (i.e. full enough to activate the kick idle timer) unless the player already has a character on that server. The current method of hiding only full servers (those at 40/40) isn’t particularly helpful.

The problem are the decay umbilicals.

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There are several servers out there with almost virgin lands. Just need to look. Try checking the server list for unique players or what its called. My first server may have a 40 slot, but over 250 unique players over a week. Dont recomend starting on a server like that.

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