Where are all the kittens & cubs lately?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug?]
Region: [N America Official #3731]]

It seems at least since the emergency patch to fix the PS4 connectivity issue (thank you Funcom - my bases survived) I’ve been noticing a distinct ABSENCE of most baby animals while playing PvE on #3731. Specifically the sabretooth cubs that used to spawn regularly on the east side of the giant statue SW of the Temple of Frosty Bits and along the frozen lake further south. I’ve had a major base in the same spot for about 6 months and used to see sabretooth kittens wandering around regularly (every time I was farming star meteorites or training a thrall).
Recently I heard another player speak highly of his level 20 Greater Bear, so I thought I’d level up a Greater Sabretooth as my personal chainsaw. But now that I’m actively looking for various critter babies they seem to have vanished.
To check on this before posting (yes, I searched the forum topics) I visited my middle base just SW of New Asagarth in a box canyon, right beside a cave that always contains a mini boss frost wolf & a frost wolf cub. There was ONE wolf cub at the cave which I snagged but usually I’d see about 3 various wolf cubs at that area.

  1. Has there been an official reduction in the spawn rates for various animal babies in the recent patches? I read through all the patch notes & don’t recall anything about this being official, but I could’ve missed or forgotten. I’m seeing less foals as well it seems in my usual meanderings.
  2. Have the spawn locations for various pets been shuffled about? Please give me hints, I have no shame…
  3. Are the game resource maps like Snowhawk Clan updated with more current, reliable information?
    Steps on how to reproduce issue:
  1. Wander about in game areas you’ve frequented for months where you often saw various beast babies.
  2. NOTE: I have NOT built any new structures or at least not one square closer to these usual spawn areas.
  3. Realize you cannot find the babies you would now dearly love to rescue from their horrid & brutal wild existence.
  4. Wonder what to do with the sea can full of T-shirts I printed that said “So Proud, Sabretooth Dad - How’d you like to Lacerate?”
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I was browsing around the same area for cubs and couldn’t find any, I think it has to do with the problem of creatures fighting other creatures.

Wolves fighting sabertooths constantly in the tundra, mammoths going after anything they can attack.
I think the babies in high traffick areas are getting killed through collateral.

There is a guaranteed spawn with 2 cubs, if you open up the Conan Exiles interactive map or just mark it down, it’s in the center of G11. There’s a little cave system past the Icey Avalanches, or if you’re coming from the north side you can drop down into it.
100% of the time 2 cubs.
Speaking of collateral, one time I dropped down too quickly to collect some cubs and the savage mother pounced on her own little one. :sob:

There’s no real point in farming or grabbing Sabertooths right now until we get our next patch though. I have a freezer full of some Greater Sabertooths but I can’t begin to train or level them up as they require abysmal flesh for that +14% strength.
And as we all know, the Abysmal Remnant is broken right now and can’t be killed. So unless we get a lucky spawn in the Volcano for an Emissary of Abhoth, we ain’t leveling our pets up any time soon.


I killed the worm recently with a bow and a ton of arrows harvested but dyed before I could get out different armor or food?

Thank you a bunch @Vampurrrism - anyone with “purr” in their name is fine by me.
I haven’t been in that area S of the volcano for a month or so b/c there’s really no great resources beside giant rock monsters to kill.
I will check on that area tonight and see if I can start to refrigerate some cubs & greater sabretooths. I won’t plant & train them until after this next patch, but I need to build up some stock.
I knew the Abysmal Remnant was broken but did NOT know that its flesh gave a 14% buff to Greater Sabretooth…damn!
I’ve just leveled a White Tiger to 10 and notice that although it hits damn hard, it also loses HP quite noticeably in a fight even with meat snacks. Think I’ll always carry healing arrows.

The last time I went to get Shadebloom from the Midnight Grove I picked up 4 Sabretooth cubs, not sure if that is a regular spawn point but may be worthwhile to try. In 2 years of play, I have not seen a single Sabretooth cub in the North.

I am currently looking for Named thralls from multiple locations. In the past 6 days I have only come across 1 named thrall.

May you be successful in finding you kittens.


What @The_gamer00600 says it’s true. We farm kittens and other cubs from jembhall sag dungeon. Spawns on north for kittens are really rare, or you have to spend a lot of time up there and be lucky to see them wandering around :wink:.

They’ve got no armor value, even with decent agility. They can hit like trucks though. Only reason why I stockpiled and I placed a couple to try and power level before 2x experience ended; I heard of people with Sabertooths around +650% damage bonus, although the pounce is a double attack it’s done in same action so it can 1 shot skeletons.

Arrows are a must, even using them while it’s fighting. I mean Wights may not be the best thing to level up a 1900 HP baby from Level 0-10 but even at Level 10, taking on 3-4 Wights will take off 1000 hitpoints at the least.

Not sure if it’s a regular spawn at Midnight Grove but I have heard other people doing it as a method of getting both those and bear cubs.

Lastly, what kind of Thralls you looking for in particular?
I got excited today because my purge meter filled up again at my Mounds of the Dead castle.
Last 3 purges were all undead.
This time it was Berserkers, and I was hoping for at least a thrall that did ANYTHING special.
Aside from having to kill around 40 Berserkers, in clusters of 4-8 at a time; I had barely any luck in spawning valuable thralls. I ended up with a purge fighter and archer, both of them around 7k starting health but absolute crap strength and ranged strength modifiers at a measly 2.2.
I should’ve laid down 5 Greater Wheels of pain and caught every Berserker I knocked out. At least their multiplier is a 3.9.


From the North in that one particular area yes they are difficult to find.
But the center of G11; there’s a culdesac within the icey paths that you can enter from either the frozen lake or dropping from above,
There is 1 Sabertooth laying down and guaranteed 2 cubs there.
For me farming 20 cubs in less than 3 hours I made sure I set up some stairs so I can kind of do a rotation and get out of rendering distance, and then put my thrall in a guard state and I could logout.
Set a timer for 15 minutes, come log back in, slide down and scoop up the 2 cubs, return to little shack and store them, repeat. Takes a minute to do every 15 minutes so you could be watching a show or playing on your phone.


Killed him without any problems. Also a rare spawn at volcano can give you that meat.

@Catspaw You could try getting some Lion cubs. Also a fixed spawn. Should be at 9B. And yes, there are actual LION cubs (not TIGERS!).

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You must be a god if you killed the Abysmal Remnant without any issues. It’s bugged for everybody. You can’t keep his aggro or anything.
Unless you’re talking about Testlive/ PC where they already fixed it, you must be a liar.

Was there with a friend who tried out CE… According to our whatsapp convo it should have been around 29.-31. May 2020.
It didnt spit at us, but made its strange attack where you can attack its body.

PS4@official server @ PvE

And the latest patch (besides the connection fix) was active since 19.05.2020:

I love how you’re posting an irrelevant patch.
I’m talking about the patch coming to consoles right now regarding the issues with Rhinos mesh, Dragons leash distance, and most importantly the “Wake-up call” for the Abysmal Remnant.

I kinda figured that would be the only way to kill the boss right now while it’s bugged, is if you had 2 people both shooting arrows.
Any and everything I do is solo or with my thrall.

I would have thought that lions, including the Greater version would have been more powerful. Both the greater Bear and greater Wolf tear the greater lion apart quite easily. Not sure about a sabretooth though, haven’t tamed the greater version yet.

During my recent playtime I’ve found that greater sabretooth tigers and greater bears are really the only pets worth leveling at all. The sabretooth tigers hit incredibly hard especially compared to the other felines in the game. The bears may not hit very hard, but they can end up with incredible health numbers. As mentioned in previous posts above there are 2 sabretooth kittens smack in the middle of G-11 that are always there. Happy hunting.

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Thanks for the tip , i haven’t farm frozen lake a lot so i will take your word for it .

Hi @Catspaw, thank you for reaching out!

There was no change in either as far as we’re aware, so the absence of the creatures could be related to claim intersection blocking certain spawns or, as Vampurrrism mentioned above, hate list issues where most NPCs just fight each other.

We can’t confirm or ensure that such maps are up-to-date as these are community-driven.


Yes! There are definitely 2 cubs with angry mom (sometimes mini boss level) at that cave in G11. So far I’ve gathered 3 pairs, it would have been more but as mentioned by someone, mama will kill her own cubs while attacking the interloper.
Had a very bizarre issue there yesterday though. In the ramp leading to the sabretooth den at G11 I needed to move my overly intimate horse so I could walk. I tried to make it “stand guard” post a little ways away from me but it glitched up weirdly: my horse disappeared & I couldn’t move. After rebooting the game 3-4 times I’d always appear as riding an invisible horse, but I could only control it for a few minutes before it would freeze. With great trepidation I left the horse & logged off for the night without returning to a base & unloading all my gear because I couldn’t get off the invisible pony nor direct it to very far. Fortunately, when I logged on the next day I was in the same locale but w/o my white tiger side kick who’d returned home. My level 20 horse was no where to be found but still showing on the Follower Management page. I looked all over that area but to couldn’t find the horse so I finally had to lose all its gear & do the ‘rescue’ operation.
Took some pics of the weirdness. Now I just need to figure out how to get PS4 screenshots into my ipad or laptop to post…

I have had similar glitches. If you can use admin, ghost below terrain, your follower may be standing in the water. Depending what elevation you are at on the map, it may take a minute or so to ghost to the bottom.

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