Where are the Banners of the other kingdoms?

Where are all the banners?! I’m not playing a Darfari or a Stygian, but that’s what I got to settle with. Did the Hyborians and Nordheimers not invent banners yet?


I’ve been wondering this since it hit EA. I didn’t think anything of it at first since I played Stygian, but when I played as a different race I was like “hey, where’s the Zamorian banners and furniture?”

At the very least some Nordheimer banners should have been added with The Frozen North.

I agree with this. Has there been any indication that other banners will be added?


Cimmerians might not have a banner, has they’d see it as not needed with their lighting raid warfare style. Also they wouldn’t want to make it easier for their enemies to know anything about them they did not wish them to anyhow.

Picts, everything is clan level, with unique face paint markings. Although chiefs wearing a eagle feather with the tip dipped white is pretty common.

Aquilonian, yes, as seen in the stories where Conan is king.

Nordheim (Æsir and Vasir people), likely, but since they mostly fight in coastal raids, maybe not.

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