Where are the piranhas?

What happened to the piranhas and the aggressive fish? I would like to return or implement beasts that are in the water or simply make a more dangerous real crocodile in the water clumsy on land

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The fish were buggin’ out really bad so they were removed in order for them to fix 'em. Most likely not gone for good since the underwater stuff is in TestLive.

Also have you seen crocs on land irl? They are flippin’ fast runners. If you want realistic crocs, they’d have to be much faster.

Crocs are also excellent swimmers, but you never see them swim across the water :slight_smile:

You can attack underwater using a Javelin, they just need to tone down the stamina drain by a lot, and crocs really should be a threat, they’re joke easy, piranhas would be nice to have.

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I agree.

There needs to be some kind of deterrent in the water.

Right now the water is a complete safe zone.

You can get yourself into a hairy situation, run to the water, and just swim forever or wade in place.

Stamina drain in water right now is meaningless as it does nothing, maybe your character should drown if you run out of stamina.

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Fine by me, but you shouldn’t loose stamina while treading water in that case… (And instead of drowning right off, maybe you should simply sink towards the bottom of the body of water and be forced to walk along the bottom to get out before you run out of breath before you start drowning.)

I would agree on treading if there was any danger in the water, but without it, you have to make some kind of danger.

I will agree there should be a way to get yourself out of drowning when you run out of stamina, but you should start struggling, i.e. you swim at the speed you walk when overencumbered while underwater and if you don’t reach shore before your breath meter, which should go a little faster than normal because you have no stamina, runs out…you die.

Actually with the way the breath meter works now when it runs out you start loosing HP as you drown…

And instead you should just die, imo

Correct Caco. We can also swing our Pick underwater too. They dont even need a large health pool, especially given the size and composition of the Piranha. A couple of swings would be enough. Just enough to break us out of that sense of absolute safety when in the water. However, I also agree with yourself and Shadoza that they should not be in the Newbie river area.

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