Where are you? No communication

Oh I know that too well. I just need to look at some Conan discord servers:

Thats one way to clean it up!

I know you’re just being helpful and illustrative, but I recognize some of those names there. It doesn’t seem right to air that without context, and believe me after following your story I know there is context. I’m saying this as a wannabe PvP peer and a pal. :slight_smile:

What I have seen in screen grabs from our server and another I’m following is actual threats, and the fulfilling of DOXXING. I learned a long time ago that I needed to live an open life with my personal details, because when you put your name out there and your face on tv, you become a pseudo public figure. It’s hard to get used to, but I’m okay with sharing my information. Most people aren’t, and most people with whom I casually game are terrified of being revealed. Seeking and finding a person’s details, then releasing them in Global, along with children’s names and schools should be a bannable offense. This is what our server descended to, from Peace. Can’t imagine what a full war server is like.

Oh yeah I had that too. One guy from Conan took a photo from my IG and used it as his profile pic. He also changed his steam name to my real name. What a weirdo.

Threats were the norm on the officials I played on. Thanks to the anonymity on the internet certain people can show their worst (true) side.


No one group has control of the forums and hostility cuts both ways.

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Being very new here myself I mostly lurk around.
I think the issue with most of these

are coming from people refusing to see opposing opinions. I’ll say that just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they aren’t “listening” to you or aren’t “understanding”.

Personally I think this is a fantastic idea. I say limit your pool to only those who agree with you. It will be just like talking to yourself.

I hope you can see the irony.

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He might not be wrong about that, although I’ve been here long enough to see that balance shift back and forth. What he’s utterly wrong about is his dismissal of PVE playstyle:

I mean, seriously? We’re gonna defend that attitude?

If I’m on a thread and I see someone say something along the lines of how “all PVP players are just a bunch of whiners that ruin PVE” – and believe me, I’ve seen too much of that – I’ll either jump in and say that’s not okay or simply flag that post if it’s rude enough.

We can all have a back and forth about balance issues and bugs and exploits and whatnot, and everyone is perfectly entitled to their opinion. But when someone crosses the line from having an opinion into calling a whole group of players “poop-flingers” who have nothing better to do? Yeah, no. Screw that with a hot poker.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less. I didn’t pay 100+ bucks for this game and its DLCs to compete in a popularity contest. I want PVP players to have a good game just as much as I want PVE and PVE-C players to have a good game.

Anyone who trolls PVP players for their preferred mode is wrong. Anyone who trolls PVE players for their preferred game mode is no less wrong, regardless of how popular that game mode is.

How hard and controversial is that?

You can forgive the frustration and mass blame against PVE players, but frustration and mass blame against PVP players is not okay? Where do you think this dislike of PVP-related issues comes from? Could it be because PVE players are sick and tired of being treated like they don’t matter by certain parts of the PVP community? Of being told they should shut up because nobody plays PVE?

For the record, in case someone decides to cherry-pick the previous paragraph in their reply and decide to focus on it out of its context, I’ll restate that I believe both are wrong. If you want to know who I believe is to blame, it’s Funcom. They released the game too early and since that moment they’ve been trying to put out fires by taking a leak on them, instead of properly fixing the underlying issues. As a result, they keep messing up the game for both PVE and PVP players.

Again, just like with the game itself, I don’t come to the forums for a popularity contest, either. I don’t really care if I’m “respected” or not. I’m not angling for a Chosen of Asura, so you won’t often see me react to outright rudeness and hostility with friendship and patience. If you want to block me for that, it’s your right.

If I see someone post vitriolic crap against a whole group of players based on their game mode, nationality, gender or any other dimension of bigotry you can think of, I’ll be as snarky and hostile as I can, because I happen to agree with Karl Popper’s views on paradox of tolerance.


Diggin’ this thread…lmao!!!



But when someone crosses the line from having an opinion into calling a whole group of players “poop-flingers” who have nothing better to do

Only comes from experience. Any balance thread on this forum is filled with people that are, for whatever reason, DEEPLY heartbroken about a 20pt damage reduction to a weapon they don’t even have. Singleplayers who log into the forums and have heated arguments over balance changes that have absolutely no bearing on them or their gamemode.

While pvp’ers are online spending hours a day defending their bases, farming like madmen, networking with the 3 people not hacking on their servers to bodyvault their goods when the chinese come around, doing everything they can to even just stay in the game with zero support from funcom or gportal… pve’ers log in, put a bomb down to refresh their timers, then come to the forums and call us whiners.

Pve: An item I don’t have got nerfed, my game is ruined!

Pvp: My gamemode isn’t even playable a chinese guy just glitched into my walls and unlocked all my vaults, dropped everything I owned and stabbed me through the ceiling

Seriously, just stack it all together and take a solid look at it. Call it vitriol all you want, people like me are absolutely tired of having their time wasted in this game. I’ve played other Funcom games where pvp was always treated like a chore and an afterthought, I’m not excited to see it remain so consistently treated this way here too.


I thought it was a good joke

Yeah, that’s not how it works. There’s no council of pve’ers communing with the developers all coming into agreement with “ah yes, we WERE going to care about PvP, but all of our focus and attentions hinge on the temperament of a poster by the name of Ceronesthes on the forums, and despite being largely respectful in most of his conversations, sadly he chose to make a comment targetted at trolls that could be construed as being disrespectful. For that reason and that reason only, pvp will continue to be neglected as ALL things hinge on the behavior of this one forum poster specifically”.

And frankly, I don’t really care about hostilities. That’s not at all my argument or my problem. PvE’ers can sit in their castles and stew on the forums about how mean and rude I am all day for all I care, all I want is to be able to play the game. I don’t need your respect or for you to like me, I need the servers to work.

But whatever. We’ll go on doing this all day at this rate, replying for the sake of replying. “Sure you made a good point, but you were kinda mean! Did you even consider that??” Yes I did. You all can go on replying, too, and liking eachother’s posts with the epic pwnage of the big bad pvper. I promise I’ll let you get the last word in too, if it helps.

With that said, I’m gonna go back to playing the g- oh right, my server is offline.

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Woooo doggy!!

Thats a big ol bucket of popcorn. Kinda makes me feel like I should build an arena on a server so we can have forum gladiator duels!! Seems more thematic then all the vieled civility. Plus then i can do thumbs down more often.

But anyway my more recent take away is this “tolerence of intolerence” i kinda pegged it as a more modern term like “get woke go broke”. So I looked the guy up! Interesting stuff, itll be enlightening to see what they write about men like him after some of the people hes inspired have fully left their legacies. All these big brained grandparents and they really produced some strong batches of selfish smooth brains.

But we should put away the name calling and pitch forks till after the 16th me thinks. If we cant do that, then lets all go build a colosseum and ill get a champion or two from these here forums and we can all bloody each other till then.

Social media, yea they put out some building contests and stuff. Im not much into that. It ain’t giving me anything.

If you dig a little deeper you will find that most of those servers are private servers that are RP servers that although have PvP enabled do not actually allow people to actively run around killing other players for no bloody reason. All PvP in those servers must being in character and consensual. So although PvP is enabled, they can hardly be called PvP servers. And yes, those are the most active servers because a lot of them hold 50 to 70 players at a time where as officials cap at 40 players.


100 points to gryffindor.
We shouldn’t argue about pvp here pve there but accept the fact that we all have one thing in common. We dislike stuff and discuss about endless lists of bugs and in the end no pvp player nor a pve player nor a freaking roleplayer can fix it. Funcom can & has to.

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I agree and back the possibility that from scratch the game pretty mutch relied on RP community (mostly because siege warfare is the gameplay as intend on here^^)

Please be civil in your posts.


Sometimes it is. Sometimes it’s a nice place where people help each other. Sometimes it devolves into something that resembles a blind guy running his hand on a stucco wall and shouting what he “read” at a deaf guy who’s facing the other way.

Lately it’s been pretty hostile and negative. Guess what’s not going to make it any better? Taking turns to call each others names. And yes, this is pot calling kettle black, because my outburst at Ceronesthes was rather egregious. I should probably stay away from the forums until I’ve detoxed from all this crap.

Yeah, I’ve been on the receiving end of that stuff, too. You’ll notice that both the post you mentioned and the post I linked to here share one thing: they got flagged. What do you think makes these forums better, flagging these things or using them as a justification for vitriolic attacks?

And let’s look at those people who liked that “crap”. There’s Multigun, who is one of the most helpful people on the forums. There’s Cyryus, who to my knowledge plays PVP. There’s Ceronesthes, whose behavior you’re defending here.

So what’s the pattern? Which group we allowed to be rude to with impunity? Or is the conclusion rather that we’re dealing with individuals and each one of them has a unique set of traits and if we have a problem with a person, maybe we should call that person out specifically?

whistles walking by when his ears start burning bright red…

Never in my wildest did I think one word would get such a response, and in a completely different thread no less.

Believe it or not, I actually didn’t think it would upset anyone. It was a chuckle line. I saw a moment to make something light out of a comment I thought was overly serious (I’m not judging here, just explaining). I don’t come to a forum to solve the world’s problems or even to suggest game changes; I come because I love the game and on the off chance someone has a question I can answer first, I like to. Call it a character flaw that I look for places to have a well placed “chuckle”. I can take what I give so if you want to have a “chuckle” at my expense, be my guest (goes for all). I just like hanging out and talking about an irreverent game with irreverent themes in an irreverent way.

Sometimes I chuckle. Sometimes I flag it. Sometimes I just read past it and someone else chuckles or flags it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not really relevant to the issue at hand; you could be the snarkiest a-hole on the Forums for all I care and I would still be upset if someone used that to call me names. If someone dislikes me, they should do what a certain regular did and say it to my face, not use me as an excuse to call someone else or a whole bunch of people names. :man_shrugging: