Where is Singleplayer Progress Saved?

When we’re playing single player, is our progress saved to the Xbox or our Xbox account? My bf and I want to buy a Series S to better play the game and we’re trying to figure out if we can both use the new machine without someone losing their progress. I kept losing mine when we played on his Xbox One.

The best thing I can tell you is to
Both log out on your bed or bedroll before shuttling down game. @PowerUp4444

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No problem at all hopefully this helps you out. Gotta walk the puppy he is hollering

I doubt the save location changed from the Xbox one to the Xbox Series S/X. But you can play one game in the Exiles Land and another game in the Island of Siptah.
But why not having one play CE with the Xbox one and the other with the Series S ? This way you can play in the co-op mode.

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That’s what we are doing. Thanks.

When I started to play CE on my new PC using the gamepass, after having played it on my Xbox one S, the game proposed to continue previous games (both for Exiles Land and Siptah) or start a new one. I choose to start a new game (for both), but I haven’t played again CE on my Xbox. So, I can’t be sure the saves on the Xbox were overwritten, but I think it’s the case.
That makes me believe it’s the account that is used to save CE single player games. But maybe using different account on the same console could mess the saves since I’m almost sure CE saves single player and online games locally and online.

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