Where is the Ivory?

Where does one acquire Ivory? It is an ingredient needed to make the Ivory War Horn, or Ivory Drinking Horn. I have killed elephants and mammoths but all they have dropped, so far, is tusks, hide and meat.

Is a specific tool needed to harvest to get ivory instead? Or does it drop from something else?

Found some in a dogs of the desert chest. But idk where you get them normally.

I don’t have the game yet, but i would say you probably have to do something with the tusks, crafting station maybe?

Hmm. I have tried putting tusks in every crafting station. None have shown ivory as a product.

Many Dogs of the Deserts shall die as I seek to loot their ivory. :skull:

But there must be something that drops it or makes it. :thinking:

Hmm… I found one in a chest inside The Den.

you have to use a cleaver on a mammoth or elephant


Love your short guides :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :fireworks:

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