Where to look for servers to play on?

Where You guys usually look for servers to play on?
I used to check battlemetrics but it seems there’s some server showing ingame but not there and some showing in bm but not in game which is confusing…

Ingame server browser or bm is not relialbe way look for server as there’s some that won’t show up.

I stick to the regular server browser, but, then, I only play on non modded servers.

Your best bet would be to take a gander at the Servers and Clans section.

What kind of servers are you looking for or is this a more general question. I personally research the person advertising the server I am interested in. I look whether they are active and how they act around others. If they are toxic and keep trash talking Funcom, I stay away. Funcom may deserve to be flamed but there is no excuse for being rude and disrespectful.

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