White fur on Chieftain of the North dyable? Second question, Panoply of Terror includes Epic?

I’m considering it, if the white fur can be dyed.

Also considering unlocking battle pass to get Panoply of Terror armor. Looking at what I got from the first battle pass, it does look like Epic armor will be included, but I just want to make sure.



Thank you so much, you just reminded me of a suggestion I was going to post but forgot about it.

Yes, the fur is dyable BUT colors mismatch with other armors. For example, the fur in the Vanir Shaman armour set is dyed differently, so if I equip the Vanir Shaman Helmet with the Aesir Chieftain Breastplate and use the exact same dye for the fur on both of them, there will be a noticeable difference in the colour. The same goes with other armour sets, like the Pictish ones from the DLC.


Cool, thanks. Have you tried black dye? How does black dye work in general in the game?

I did try black dye, in fact, it was the first one I put and that’s how I noticed the mismatch between colour tones.

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Also, about the Panoply of Terror, I don’t really know the answer to your question but I assume it’s a yes. Anyway, if there isn’t an epic version of it you shouldn’t worry. I only use Bazaar items as illusions to other items, so in my case, I prefer the basic versions to save up some materials.


Just learned about the illusion system in another post. Gave my fighter thrall a circlet instead of helm, great fun.

I think I like the +sta attributes of the Panoply so I might use it as is.

This is definitely the way to go unless you’re building a specific set for a unique circumstance. Some of them contain certain stats that make them viable for actual epic crafting, but at the end of the day, in most cases, low tier is way more effective and efficient if you’re just wanting to be fashionable.

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Exactly. The only one I actually use now is the Pictish Ritual armour set since I’m using an agility build

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I’ve got a dozen epic armour sets for different situations - including Ponopoly. Aesir Chieftain fur is dyeable but doesn’t match fur from most other sets. (I use mine with the Frost Giant skirt and boots dyed to match)

For anyone curious, this is Panoply in black and coagulated blood red. It dyes nicely I think. I haven’t gotten the Chieftain yet, still considering it.



Just a side note, if you have the CC in pocket, always unlock the BP, it refunds itself.

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