New paint slots for certain armor pieces

Observing the new costume Vanir Chieftain Boots, I would like to suggest the possibility of including a new paint slot on the boots. When trying to customize the painting, it ends up being painted in full. Is it possible to make this change and include a new slot for the coat? The same also for the Khitan Mercenary Headband. Is it possible to put a new slot for coloring the metal details?


May I suggest a work around. It might take some work and many resources so singleplayer might be best for this. Not guaranteed to work either as it entirely depends on if there are coded dye channels. I’ll do my best to explain.

You’ll need 3 sets of armor:

  1. Base stats
  2. Increased dye channel armor
  3. Preferred look

As with many armor pieces, the channels for dye are either inaccessible or melded together, I accidentally discovered a pretty interesting effect with the transmog system on the thaumaturgy bench.

Keep in mind that you can’t re-transmog the same armor piece. This means that you can’t use armor 1 in the third step, unfortunately.

Start off with a set with the desired stats, armor 1. Then choose an armor set that has multiple accessible dye channels, armor 2, and transmog the look of the base into armor 2.

Dye the transmogged armor. Take note of each piece you dyed and what colors you applied.

Take the desired armor look and transmog your dyed set with armor 3. Take note of the channels it dyed.

Again, this will take work to determine where it applied, if it applied and if you need to make adjustments.

If you do need to make adjustments re-transmog the set to the same multi-channeled armor set, armor 2, or a new one. Re-dye then transmog again to the desired look, armor 3.

It might take A LOT of experimenting but I was pleasantly surprised I could dye armors I can’t normally this way.

I think they just need to make it more customizable and accessible but hey, it is what it is.


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