White Hand gems for casters?

Currently it seems that all White Hand gems have no stats other than a proc of the type “chance on damage, … on target”. This type of proc only triggers when you do physical damage to your enemy, not when you do spell damage,* so these gems are all useless to casters. What exactly are casters supposed to put in that gem slot then?

[*And it has always been thus. If you look at old-world blue weapons that sometimes have procs, you find “chance on damage” procs only on weapons which, as is clear from their other stats, were intended for non-caster classes, while weapons intended for casters have no procs at all - there is no “chance on spell damage” proc or anything of that sort.]


??? What do these gems have to do with PvP? The weapons into which you slot them have negative PvP stats, so surely they aren’t meant to be used in PvP? And even if it is true that these gems are useful in PvP, it still doesn’t make any sense that this gem slot provides melee classes with something that is useful in PvE but caster classes with something that is quite useless in PvE (even if it perhaps is useful in PvP).

Actually you can use it in pvp too especially if you’re a caster. -500 hit rating isnt big deal for casters.

What different effects are there for the White Hand gems anyway?

I tried to check by using the Trader, however it doesn’t seem like any are for sale.

They’re too rare to be on the trader yet. It would be really nice to get these gems fixed since they are so hard to acquire.

The ones I’ve seen so far are like this:

“chance of getting damage, X on target, 10% chance” where X can be

  • Ice Cloak [purple] = 50-100 points of frost damage, +40% hinder movement
  • Unholy Cloak [purple] = 50-100 points of unholy damage, -15 nat mana/health/stam regen

or like this:

“chance on damage, X on target, 10 procs per minute”, where X can be

  • Unholy Strike [orange] = 75-150 points of unholy damage, -20 nat mana/health/stam regen
  • Unholy Storm [purple] = AoE 7.10 m radius: 26-51 points of unholy damage, -10 nat mana/health/stam regen
  • Fire Strike [orange] = 38-75 points of fire damage, 8-16 points of fire damage every 1 sec for 6 sec
  • Holy Strike [purple] = 50-100 points of holy damage, heals 25-50
  • Lightning Storm [purple] = AoE 7.10 m radius: 25-50 points of electrical damage, removes 8-15 points of stamina/mana

I guess the cloak gems could be useful for a caster in onslaught areas where everyone, including casters, is getting hit a lot, but elsewhere in PvE even those wouldn’t do much good for a caster.

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That Ice Cloak effect could be useful on a mage to help with running from mobs but only in onslaught. Outside of onslaught it would be pretty useless.

At which waves are these gems or even the Legendary ones found really? Seems finding PuG groups that focus on staying alive to get into the higher waves is simply impossible.

The lowest wave at which I’ve seen a White Hand gem drop was 17, and that was a legendary gem. My guess would be that they drop from wave 15. And since I’ve never seen any gem drop below wave 15, I guess that even purple gems only drop from wave 15, unlike in Kuthchemes where they drop from wave 1.

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I have seen an epic drop as low as wave 13. Lowest legendary I saw was 18.

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I have some bad news for you. The legendary snare gem is 60% snare for 6 seconds, but it doesn’t count as a snare. So it doesn’t give any snare immunity, doesn’t get affected by snare immunity and stacks with other snares. Also the proc chance is more than 10% from what i tested (seems more like 20%).


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WhAt’s ThE pUrpOsE of LeGendaRY WhiTE haNd geMs? thEy SuCK

maybe some will be interesting ?

There’s absolutely nothing interesting about people farming brain dead content for hours in order to get an advantage against players who did not. As if a shield with 2500 armor wasn’t enough, it also provides 60% snares which do not trigger immunities on other players, and makes AOE spells much larger, as even 25% increase in radius is an exponential increase of area of effect



Indeed. The shield was already completely out of scale with all the other shields in the game. If you add the snare on top of that, it makes 100% clear that the devs doesn’t have any clue about balance. :man_facepalming:


funny part is that snare has nothing to do with PvE, it only imbalances PvP even more :smiley:


I rarely play PVP, but that snare should be removed


Any word on patching the snare gem? It has no place in PvP. Stacks with snares. Ignores all anti’CCs AND has a reliable proc rate for it to stay up a whole lot.

to make it clear:

one can’t move when you take both a snare + the gem snare… this can’t be intended.

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Well, given what Funcom have done to pvp over the years this could very likely be intended.

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