White Rocknose Pet to make Brimstone

Hello Exiles :wink:

I hope that in a future update you will add a White Rocknose Pet to make Brimstone. Actually Rocknose make Silver, Gold, Stone and Iron but no brimstone. I see on the Shattered Spring you have Rocknose White.

If you add the possibility of making White Rocknoses that make Brimstone it would be great :slight_smile:

Have a good day :wink:


This could certainly help on servers where people try to block the normal brimstone spawns, nice idea. :slight_smile:


Salt might make more sense, though brimstone would be more useful. So they should give… both.


I sometimes find crystal in my existing pens, if a white rocknose could give brimstone and crystal that would be ideal IMO, then people could make either glass or salt as they desire.

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I don’t think crystal would work, since rocknoses eat crystal.

I mean greater rocknoses excrete crystal and they all excrete ironstone so it doesn’t seem like a stretch of the made-up lore to me…

Oh, you’re right. I’ve never looked at what Greater Rocknoses excrete. I guess if they poop crystal, white ones could too. Nevertheless, when you harvest the spikes there, you get salt and brimstone, so I still think salt makes more sense.

Crystal too, with Crystal you make Salt too :wink:

Yes, that was my point. :neutral_face:

I think the idea of animal pens and farming is that you are not able to create a self sustaining system of materials. The player can not solely rely on farming and animals. That’s why planters don’t give you more seeds. In that way I think brimstone is too much from animal pens.

But silver and gold isn’t too much?

Not Really, Gold, Silver, Rock and Iron is not to much. In the game you have White Rocknose for Brimstone and Crystal. But it’s not implemented in Animal Pen.

It allows if someone is having fun blocking resources (even in PvE) to be able to continue playing.

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Sure. Brimstone is often in high demand. And if the White Tiger is anything to go by, I wager he would look so cool too.

I’m guessing this is a MOD cause I have never heard or seen a Silver Rocknose per.

Not a mod.

Purchased Rocknose Eggs, and give silver dust or other recipe to your rocknose pet, and you make Silver Rocknose :wink:

Really? Where do you purchase those? Are they strong pets or a waste of time? Ha. Been playing this game a while and I still find new areas and new things.

Rocknose Eggs purchased at the Den look link behind :wink:


@Olumat Greater Rocknose make Crystal. Only Brimstone missing.

Gold- and Silver-Vein Rocknoses aren’t intended to be strong. You just keep them in the pen and feed them rocks to get Silverstone and Goldstone as poop.

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Same with Greater Rocknose to make Crystal but nothing for Brimstone.