Whiteout at Beast

Here are my settings

Here is what I was seeing at first. I thought it was a texture failing to draw. But after the Beast was dead, I turned at just the right angle and saw this…

So now I’m thinking it’s a lighting issue. Do any of you have suggestions or observations?

For the record, I am running Windows 10/64 Pro.

Here’s another possibly-useful clue. When I was at the Redeemed Temple in Scheol, I saw that the Redeemed NPC’s inside the temple had the same mostly-whited-out textures as The Beast in the middle screenshot above. But as soon as I went outside, the ones there had normal texture drawing/illumination.

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Are you running any post-processing with your graphics card utility? If so, try turning that off.

I think someone else had some success running in just TL (not TL HAL) mode, so you could try that too.

Large client so beta engine ?
If so then, quick guide I made a little while ago, it may not fix that particular problem directly but it will give you the best chance.

2012 called, they want you to get a new GPU.

Caloss2 thank you but, no. It’s the old engine.

@Caloss2 has got you covered there too: https://youtu.be/ULQeBDvRzE8

And @Machschau : the 90’s called, they want their joke back.

The truly ironic part is, if you watch that video, Caloss is using the exact same card I am, and the exact same settings, at least on the AO settings screen.