Who won the emote contest?

It’s been three days since the emote contest ended, and I was waiting to see who the winner was, but I haven’t seen anything.

The post says winners will be announced on stream November 7th


no news ?

Unfortunately the emote contest didn’t get enough entries in order for us to declare a winner.

ok, thanks for answer.

The competition was certainly interesting and I was waiting for the results.

I didn’t speak before. I didn’t want to make a fuss. Now I feel guilty for not asking to change the rules.

I think the competition rules were too restrictive. The only way to send an entry is to record yourself and send a video through an external source. This created problems:

  • When someone has an idea for dance animations but can’t dance well.
  • When someone does not have good record device or not enough space for recording.
  • When someone is simply ashamed to show on video.
  • When someone does not want to create another account on an external portal, only to send a competition video once.

Each of us is different and has strengths and weaknesses. If we could send a entry by drawing, describing or using free 3D animation tools, I am sure there would be many entries.

Now I hope that the competition could be reactivated reactivated with the changed rules.



So much truth in this post. It was a good idea and I’m frankly a little sad to see it didn’t gain any traction. I really think if you retool the rules and sort of meet people halfway with it, you will absolutely get more entries.

I love the contests, and this one is particularly interesting. I really hope you try again :slight_smile:


I had few ideas for emote contest… but i’d be only able to send in bad grammar English description of it.

Sad to see it didnt go thru.

I had ideas but didn’t feel comfortable showing my image to the world of Conan. If only we were allowed to describe the pose or use a stock image to show someone doing the poses.

I would have liked to see an emote where the character is warming his hands by the campfire.


This sums up my own thoughts perfectly. I actually had 2 ideas for the emote contest. However because it had to be video footage of myself, that put me off. The first reason being I am kind of a camera shy person, even around close family and friends, let alone sending footage to ‘strangers’ (no offence guys) over the internet. Which leads to my second reason. Those who have known me for a while on the forum now know that I notoriously bad with technology. The process of trying to submit it was waaay too complicated for me.

I wish we could have simply sent an image to you all. For example, these would have been my two submissions:

  1. We all know this timeless ‘warrior’ pose by Arnold in Conan the Barbarian:

  1. This is from the Fallout world. Delightfully cheesy and funny at the same time, classic ‘finger-guns’:


Unfortunately it took me until the last minute to cut and edit my submission. And then, some late-morning drinker mowed down the telephone company local access point because Halloween? I had no Internet, and thanks to the cell tower’s connectivity, my phone/hotspot was at 1X vs 4G. Just wasn’t meant to be.

ETA: Oh hey @Croms_Faithful, you snuck in while I was woolgathering. We’re sharing?

War Cry: Cherokee Shamanic, for clan a ni wa ya
Dance: Papa Bear Shimmy – my own personal funny groove
Social: Teardrop Loser – a comical weep-mocking taunt

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Aye Im here buddy. @Jens_Erik there are already ideas from myself, @Barnes and @Shadoza here. Although for a variety of subjective reasons, seemingly the only reason why people didnt submit entries was due to the video submission requirement. So why dont we all just post or describe our ‘entries’ here and you could still choose one to implement??

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m fairly sure the contest requires full-body video, plus audio for them to mo-cap and voice. The video portion was mandatory for their processes – it was a singular opportunity to be sure. I was hexed!

It sounds like fate got in the way.

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It seems that all the chatter regarding the new thrall leveling system is burying everything else. I was hoping to hear more regarding the contest but wonder if the devs can even notice this thread.

Even if there is no contest, could we have a impromptu contest where we can describe what we would like and maybe a few listings could find a path into the game?

I think if I were to just Nab movie poses, It would Mako sitting pose when he… being a wizard. And Valeria taunt pose, were she slaps sword on end of her hand.
3rd would be Conan Practise sword run, into final stance.

Personally, I’d have go with few sit types. (one is fairly close to how Patches (demon souls/dark souls) crouches.
this way you can perch on cliff edge and just vulture over people and stare. XD

Another would be eating drum stick, or bowl soup (standing and kneeling) Stuff for campfires when waiting for friends to meet up and head into a location.


You mean him saying “Hnggrrrr…” while making constipated faces? My favorite movie magic for sure :smiley:

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This is definitely good feedback and we will take it into consideration if we decide to do similar contests again. :slight_smile:


FWIW my suggestions are so simple that motion capture would be silly; just add “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” emotes.

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This one would be good for the area.