Why are bosses still falling through the ground when killed?

After all this time why is this still a thing?

Especially in the unamed city. Snake boss falls through floor more times than I care to count and never comes back even if you go away and come back.

Red mother falls through the stairs in front of her and does a submarine. Then when killed never pops up. Sometimes she comes back if you go away and come back but sometimes not.

To reiterate, why is this still a thing and why is my time being wasted by this bug to end up with nothing off a boss.

Try to stand where they submerged and look up, it helps. They don’t fall deep into the void I checked it (admin panel -> ghost). But then you won’t always be able to open their inventory, in those cases loot all their stuff and sort the junk out later.

Its a thing because there are higher priority fixes.

While its a good thing that they are managing their time, losing 100% of your time invested in one of the core parts of the game (killing bosses) is a pretty big deal…

I have no doubt its planned to be fixed. Clamping down on exploits appears to be the priority

@Skillo I haven’t had a boss disappearing for a while but I have seen it being an issue on modded servers. And since you are talking about how much time was wasted, could you please let us know how long it took you to kill the disappearing snake? From my experience from porting to UC to going inside the snake room and killing it, it would take you 5 mins and this is with picking flowers on the way.

Don’t get me wrong, bosses going undermesh are an issue even though it doesn’t happen often but there are much more pressing issues to be addressed when it comes to the mesh.

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Yes, around 5 minutes too. This game is about killing bosses, gathering materials, levelling up and fighting stronger bosses/building. If any of those things are disrupted by bugs - like this one, its a big deal. Haruman’s grotto for instance, its a niche area and mechanic that very little people care, use or even know about. Bosses? Everyone kills them. Why is that not in higher priority than haruman?!

And time management only would become an issue if we know that this fix would take weeks to do, which may or may not even be the case.

We dont know is the point. Funcom does. When it makes sense it will get fixed just like everything else that gets fixed. Its not a conspiracy against the red mother.

totally agree on this one.
thralls are still undermeshing, npc and bosses do the same even in “dungeons”

Because not everything in game development requires the same level of effort and time. And because they have more than one person working on different parts of the game at a time, which their assigned roles are based on their areas of expertise (coding, art, design, testing, etc).

Based on my limited knowledge (because, I’m a designer, not a coder, nor a Graphics coder), my guess is bosses, other NPC’s, thralls, and whatever else falling through the ground is a physics issue. And UE4 with version 4.15 has a lot of physics issues (looking at you, Apex, which, don’t even get me started). Newer versions of UE4 have better tools and code for physics simulations. And no, before it’s even asked, you can’t simply update the engine version, and is very (very) rarely done when a game is post 1.0 release. It’s not like a Windows Update.

In other words, my suspicion is that it’s a physics bug caused by the version of UE4. They’ve done some tricks over the last couple of years to resolve some of those errors, but they may not all be solvable (or at minimum, solvable that doesn’t require an extended amount of time resolving it, which means, not working on other things).


And would’nt setting that clear to players be a better thing than just not saying anything at all? We have no idea if that is not a priority for them because they don’t care or because its an engine issue that takes long time. We don’t know. Ofc, you have some knowledge and can assume it, but i’m talking overall.

Its frustrating, annoying at best, look at such issues and only hope that ony day it will suddently be fixed…or not…and we don’t know why.

Yeah that probably is bad PR but forums filled with different people asking for the same fixes insn’t good either, imo.

Still, thank you for taking your time to reply, i really appreciate it.

They cant answer every question. They have jobs to do.

they did answer that. ‘‘we know its frustrating, we are currently working on other things. Thank you’’.

That was the answer to some previous post.

Yes but there are a bunch or questions asked every day, some new some old. For questions related to coding, i’m sure they like to ask the appropriate people before responding.

Until Funcom fixes these problems find a work around like for instance I’m sure many players here know that the red mother goes into the stairs so players solution keep her on the sands another example the Barrow King if you kill him on the left side of the room he’ll go into the floor make sure you keep him in the right side of the room and kill him there … if you’ve been playing this game as long as I have you figure out ways to work around the majority of the problems yes it’s frustrating at times to find the temporary solution but what else can you do lol

The snake in the UC loves to do the harlem shake.
It’s funny, because I’ m a single player only (ghost mode on, problem solved) but I find it quite annoying - sometimes you can’t find the creatures because they just skyrocketed to another dimensions…

3+ years and counting I will save npcs stepphg on your character still happening for another time.

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