Why are Conan Exiles sending data to Redshell?

Data are sent to api.redshell.io

All those are noting I want to be associated with, specially without my knowledge. I don’t want RedShell spyware on my computer. If I block all communications to RedShell on my computer the game crashes.

Also worth knowing that some Firewalls and Spy/virus software automatically block RedShell!


This better get removed
I’m all for demographics that help for technical/gameplay reasons but:

‘Dozens of agency & ad network integrations’ (source redshell website)

is taking the micky, I paid for this game, I did not pay to have my computer/programs tracked for commercial purposes, I paid to play a game.

I am starting to seriously regret buying this now.

https://store.steampowered.com/eula/440900_eula_0 - no mention of 3rd party data collection.

Confirmed, blocking access to redshell makes the game crash on launch.
This is malicious intent.
It should be optional and it should be mentioned that things like data collection are going on.
Wow funcom im shocked…

Bookmarking this thread, I hope its not as bad as it sounds, I dont want em to kill my game’s popularity because of X interests…

There is a few other games have been caught using Redshell and where forced to remove it due to angry players.

I truly dislike this and worst of all is that I cant find anything about this is in any document I have to accept when I install the game.

Not a big deal.

"Do my players need to worry about privacy?

We do not collect any “personal information” about your players. We only collect and store information about their browsers/computers for purposes of attribution."

"What do you do with the data?

All data we collect is YOURs. We ONLY use it for attribution. We do not aggregate, distribute, or sell ANY data."

I don’t like it, and I work in marketing and community managing, so Im used to remarketing and that kind of stuff. But the description, which I know I can trust or not (cambridgeanalytica etc xD) doesn’t sound too bad.

The devs that are used as testimonials are not very trustworthy to me (s2 games, which pulled something close to a fraud with their latest savage game) and the parent company doesnt seem much trustworthy, given their very small info about them, or videogame-like avatars in the team section XD (https://www.innervate.us/team)

But, my own personal conclusion, is this is nothing concerning for me, or anything I would need to complain about. I wouldnt mind if it was removed (like Denuvo or other stuff from other games) but I dont find it a threat or a bad move from funcom. Maybe they had to make us sign something, maybe we already did, maybe it was not needed. Case closed for me xD

So by watching a add from a company you decide it’s not a big deal?

First of we do not know what data they are collection. Secondly why is ConanSandbox.exe constantly sending data to Redshell.io if it is data about how their marketing strategy works? Why is there no information about this when installing the game, even if it’s in the fine print?

I can continue the list of questions but the mere fact that some virus/spy ware software block redshell is argument enough to question what is happening. And if you look at things like: https://steamcommunity.com/app/298610/discussions/0/1499000547474366484/
You will notice that other games have been forced to remove Redshell due to angry customers.

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seriously what business is it of anyone that regard the game, what i do in a browser???
Or info about my computer, isnt a dxdiag enough???

This is a real breach of privacy.
There is no single assurance to be given from anyone, that data from our pc’s and about our person is NOT used for other applications.

These companies should be avoided and so those that use Redshell.

Get rid of that spyware !

what is redshell is it spying on me or is it just tracking me

spying and tracking, are they different? your data is being used that is collected from your pc without you knowing or at least been notified that this is going on, is that not spying?

removed, wrong info

I believe that link is refering to a different redshell

Just found a thread in steam forum about this.

They have also found information sent to www.google-analytics.com and stats.g.doubleclick.net. Not really sure about that since about of those have been blocked on my computer for some time.

More info: https://steamcommunity.com/app/440900/discussions/0/1694920442965006550/

Hey all,

Sorry for the concern regarding this. We actually intended to disable Red Shell, and we did - but one of the modules was still active, which lead to a crash. We’ll fully disable and remove Red Shell for now, but please understand that we may still continue using analytics services for Conan Exiles in the future.

If you have any questions about Red Shell’s privacy policy, you can read them here: https://redshell.io/privacy-policy

If you have any further concerns, Red Shell offers an opt-out:

Player Opt-Out Provision
If you are a Player, you can opt-out of Red Shell Analytics tracking by emailing us at privacy@redshell.io or by completing the opt out form here.

Sorry again for the concern. Thanks!


Thank you very much for such an awesome response!

Then we can patiently wait for them to fix it or opt-out, which are very good options :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont really care about redshells policy… i dont want nothing to do with red shell all together, the fact that you didnt make this known to us from the start (USING A THIRD PARTY) to collect our data is giving me a bad taste.

Problem with Redshell opt-out is that data is still sent to them and you as a user cant control the use of your data. I would think twice before using such company in the future, it have nothing but bad reputation. That Bad reputation and questionable business ethics makes users not want their data sent to them even if they say they wont use it.

Alt least now we can block the traffic without the game crashes.