Redshell without permission

I just found out that Funcom, without my permission, installed a Spyware when I installed SWL. Even if they have “claimed” to have removed it. Why would you even do something like this to begin with? It is a breach of customer trust, as well as illegal in Europe.

Who is the main person I can talk to about this? Also, I would like to speak with a representative from the Legal department so I can understand why on God’s green earth they green lit this.

Edit: As well as Conan Exiles, a game I played and supported since day 1. I am hurt, and devastated by this breach of etiquette and trust.

Well, the person who pressed “yes” in the UAC dialog window which allowed Funcom to thoroughly violate your privacy was you, so I guess you should talk to the person in the mirror. After all, you also installed Microsoft Windows AND connected to the “internet”.

CliffsNotes : hi troll.


Nice touch to elevate claimed witth quotes; I like that. Much classier that multiple exclamation marks, a bit like raised eyebrows.

I’m pretty obsessed myself about that sort of thing, but FC do appear to have taken people’s reservations seriously and done the right thing:

From the Community Director on another forum:

Hi there, I am Natascha, the community director for Funcom.

We understand that with the recent GDPR change, data sharing concerns, and current discussion around Red Shell, that you guys are alarmed.

SWL has used Red Shell for tracking a login event last year. I confirmed with the team that the change to disable Red Shell was committed on 10/26, and it was patched either on the 31st of October or, at the latest, on November 13th. However, it seems we forgot to remove the .dlls which are still lingering. We are looking into removing those old remains with a patch asap to give you peace of mind.

If you have any questions about Red Shell’s privacy policy, you can find more info at:

If you have further concerns, you can opt-out of Red Shell Analytics tracking by emailing them at or by completing the opt out form here[].

We truly apologize for the confusion and would like to assure you that we are in favor of protecting your information and are in full compliance with GDPR. We are not using Red Shell in any of our games and have no intention to do so.

For Conan Exiles:

If you still wish to contact you are welcome to.