Red Shell Tracking Software in SWL?

Hi folks,

just read a german article about user tracking software package inside of games and out of
curiosity I followed the link to the google doc listing of affected games.
The list states SWL is affected and I’m interested in:

  1. Is the info correct for the most recent build?
  2. Why are you tracking us?
  3. What is tracked?
  4. Is the tracked data anonymized?

As other studios are retreating from spying on users… please follow them!

Would post links but I’m not allowed…
google for redshell games list


That being said, one of the first links I found while googling things was a Community Director saying that they were going to remove it;

Make of it what you will.

As above make of i what you want


thanks for the hint to reddit.
I only searched the official forums for red shell not the old reddit stuff.
I’ll look for the dll when I’m home.

MOP Keeps using spyware term for clicks.

Redshell isn’t currently in SWL and hasn’t been since last year.
All red shell does is see where ad clicks are coming from.
It’s for marketing metrics.

I figured as much.
It sounded more like a ‘Metrics’ sort of thing then a ‘Spyware’ sort of thing. And Metrics aren’t evil. In fact, they can be useful.

But muh privacy! Who knows what kind of nefarious things Funcom is doing with anonymous ad impression data!


Just to clarify here, an inactive .dll was still being packaged with the SWL install despite it not actually doing anything, which was the source of the controversy reaching us here. We removed that lingering .dll with today’s patch, so there should be no trace of this system with SWL any longer.


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