Why are thralls STILL able to kill players on PVEC


This has been ongoing and still is a serious problem. People play on conflict so that they can fight withOUT overpowered thralls one shotting them. When will this be fixed??? Im tired of my friends leaving bc of stuff like this. Running from thralls is not fighting other players…

I submitted a bug report about this after folliwers II update, the reply was a wink emoji. So its hard to say if this is intentional or not. Maybe the pvec servers should be classed Player vs thrall. Since noone even bothers to carry gear anymore. Just send over your thrall. Sick 'em boy!


I know right?! People are so cowardly now. They wait for you to chase them so you hitfirst and stop moving so that their thrall comes mess you up. Its why we dont play pvp anymore. Now its infected pvec…

Was there a new announcement I missed? I thought the thralls where suppose to kill players now on pve/c.

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Crap. I REALLY hope thats not the case… If so, this coupled with this new health system might finally get me off this game i keep holding out hope that theyll finally balance this game out. Hurts, been here since the beginning. Ill look for those patch notes… Have to see this myself. If it is the case, I unfortunately know a ton of people who will delete the game. Really sad, had A LOT of love for this game, been here since the beginning.

Thanks for the info, ill look into it

I play on PvEc so thralls only attack during pvp hours not sure how it works on normal pve

Man… Just go to a PVE server, not a PVE-C…
It make perfect sense, if the PVP is allowed in certain hours, there is no reason to prohibit the use of thralls of someone to defend himself. How realistic it would be to have a master that is being attacked and his slave fighter just watches him die?

Well, “man”… Why dont you go to PVP and hide behind your thrall. Real fighting skill comes from actual player vs player. Not sending your thrall in like a dog. Seriously, if you dont have a helpful addition to a conversation, go without. I hate the “go to such and such kind of server” type people. You help nobody, not even Funcom. For the longest time PVEC was a place where you didnt have to fight thralls, but where you could actually fight someone based on skill.
I get it, you probably got your butt handed to you too many times, and love that you can now run in a circle until your thrall 1-shots people. You obviously suck at fighting, so… Why dont YOU go to PVE, npcs are probably more your skill set.
You probably send your thralls after them too…

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Also surprised by the new system! Now there is no point in going to PVE-Conflict

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It’s been intended since it got implemented.

Whenever the thrall commands got introduced into the game it allowed players to command their thralls to attack players during non raid hours (on PvP servers). Players couldn’t damage the thralls. So funcom in their genius ways thought it was a good idea to make it so thralls just attack players 24/7 no matter the server type or during raid hours or not. Only counter is to kill the thrals. Funcom btw.

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I just feel this shouldnt have even been thought of being implemented until they AT LEAST made it so thralls arent killing ppl in one or two hits. They should have the same damage multiplier against players as players do.

But that being said. I still feel they should not attack in PVEC. as its always been.

Fact is: this all about a matter of opinion. My opinion is that the use of thralls during pvp makes the game more realistic. It is simply ridiculous to imagine a fight between two masters where their slaves just kept watching their masters die.
Not to mention that the whole game is built inside a world where slavery was the base of economy. Making the thralls useless for defence would simply destroy the mechanics of the game, since there wouldn’t be any advantage or reason in the gattering of resources to get better thralls.
In other words, if there is PVP (partial or full), thralls must take part of it. It is exactly what makes this game different from others.
I know there are people with no brain enough to understand “game phisolophy”, or to understand “a system” based in a fictional historical perspective, like conan.
For those guys, Conan should be a pure PVP just like “Street Fighter” games. But I’m sorry to inform that Conan goes much beyond that. I really recomend more simplistic games for those impaired of a better understanding… :wink:

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We (the PvP community) have been saying this for OVER A YEAR now. I am actually super glad they did that so more players can notice how OP and broken thralls are.


I play pve-c and it was strange after so long having thrall be able to attack. Not bad. However, I do miss thralls at my base protecting it when I’m not there. I’ve had thrall killed by someone’s thrall with their command but since I’m not there to command fight back, they stand there and die. Fix that.

Only thralls on follow attack. Thralls on guard can’t be damaged.

I’m not so sure. I’ve lost at least 2 dancers up on posts that were killed by " hyborian III"…and posts had fence around it so no player could climb in there to use dancer as shield. So…?

No believe me, im right there with you. Its the reason I stopped playing on PVP and went exclusively to PVEC. Its ridiculous. Nothing on this game gets me more mad than when some guy with no skill wants to talk smack after their thrall did the work for them. I just wished itd be fixed instead of spreading to PVEC

I thought the “p”'s stand for player? Its all tvp now, Thrall vs Player…

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Reminds me back of the days of the early roman empire when the 2 generals would fight each other and the army just stood and watched… oh wait… no battle was ever fought like that… when you are king of a kingdom you send your army in, a good king fights with his army, but not on the front line(usually kings and generals would be on horseback or even at camp away from the fight) in conan you build a kingdom, you build this, so you are the king, your army fights… I dont see the issue necessarily

LOL, yeah. Cracks me up every time someone puts that forward as a reason ancient cultures were more “civilized” than modern society. Sometimes they even add “non-lethal” to this match. You know, first one to draw blood wins, so just scratch his arm or something. Still remember one of my teachers way back in junior high trying to convince everyone of this. He also believed that a knight couldn’t get back up if he fell off his horse. And yes, he taught history. Tax dollars well spent. :roll_eyes:

Why even bother with an army if that were the case? Recruiting, gathering, organizing, training, equipping, feeding, treating, marching, building, etc., etc., all so they can stand there and look pretty while you have a one on one dual with the other general or king or whatever to determine the fate of the entire kingdom? Seems like an awful lot of trouble for nothing when you can just, you know, have this huge, well armed mob that’s standing behind you go and kill the other guy for you.

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