PvE Conflict servers - Thralls can now attack players?

After the last big patch a few weeks ago thralls are able to attack players in the unofficial PvE-C servers I play on regularly. The admins for those servers say it is not a setting they can change and that it is Server setting not an Admin setting… Is this happening on official servers too? Is this a bug that is going to be fixed? or is this going to be the new normal?

They still haven’t confirmed whether that’s a bug or not. There have been several bug reports about it.

Playing on official PvE-C 1036, so far I… have n’t been able to kill thralls.
All my thralls are still alive.

Killing thralls… that’s not the issue. The issue is that with a press of the attack command a thrall can go up to a player and proceed to obliterate them outside of PvP hours. To make this worse, the target can’t respond as PvE and PvE-C has buildings as indestructible, and thralls are, rather absurdly, classed as buildings.

Something that needs to change when it comes to PvE-C is that during PvP hours, they should be able to attack and be attacked by intruders/targets. I always found it silly how during those hours, someone can walk into your base and attack you in front of your personal army, and they just sit there staring.

I believe this is the new setting you can set within each thrall. Their aggression level can be changed per thrall. There are different levels of aggression you can set. We had one time where we teleported to the sink hole and someone else did at the same time, our thrall killed him as he arrived. Not on purpose. We apologized. But I think you can change that setting on each thrall.

I think this is something that they need to amend for PvE and lock thralls to a setting which would prevent this, as although you were amicable in your handling of such a situation and apologized as it was not intentional, this will open up possibilities for players with less amicable motives to essentially grief others by intentionally allowing or encouraging thralls to attack other players who then cannot respond or fight back, Kind of defeats the purpose of PvE.

Its a bug, not working as intended. There is no “new” setting that I have seen that allows a thrall to attack any player on PVE-C. If there is, please show us a screen shot of that “new” command.

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