Why arent fast elevator's the only elevator?

I mean - who if anyone wants a slower elevator ride over a faster? I find it odd that they added a speed upgrade to elevator’s rather than just outright improve elevator speed period.

Suggestion - remove fast elevator’s, make all elevator’s the faster speed. Easy QOL


according to this argumentation, some items could be removed directly from the game.
improved preservation box? get rid of it and give the preservation box more slots.
wheel of pain and greater wheel of pain? get rid of them and give the lesser wheel of pain 8 slots.
the energy or material efficient workbenches? get rid of them and give all bonuses to the normal workbench.

my suggestion: leave everything as it is, because upgrades are an essential part of the game and that also applies to the elevators


I don’t agree with that. There’s upgrades and then there’s basic functionalities. They can be looked at and assessed independently without the need to argue every one of them as falling beneath a blanket rule. The faster lifts are a minor improvement, but one that definitely falls into QOL.

…and they are an upgrade so keep both versions like in all other upgrade scenarios

as you can see, i see no reason to change a working system. the basic version is easily accessible and if you want the better version then you have to do something more for it

right and if you want the faster elevators then you have to do something for it. it’s not like the normal elevators don’t work and the fast ones are a bugfix for that. the elevators are just faster. just like other things just offer more space or are more efficient. just an upgrade

not to mention that they can’t remove either version from the game since both are used and i don’t think the players will like it if their elevators are suddenly gone


Let’s play fortnite :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I believe that every pve aspect of the game should stay as it is and if possible more to come please. I was lucky in a new server to find the gravedigger really fast, this made my pve experience so easy, yet this shouldn’t be a status. I am speaking for rng because having the recipe for fast elevators is rng based and someone should spend a great deal of fragments to the point of annoyance, until the recipe is available for use. Yet…
This is the game :man_shrugging:. I don’t want to derail the post speaking for better rng system, more easy, but sometimes easy is not so rewarding, it’s a double blade I guess, take it or leave it I say.


So you can take in the sights I guess…?

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I agree, what is the point of slow elevators?

And fast are not that fast, only normal speed.

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Slow elevators are really good in low lifts.
Fast elevators are for higher lifts.
It is exactly as the real life elevators.
Ofcurce in pvp elevators inside bases are luxury, most of the players prefer to climb, it’s just faster, but in pve, when you fix little markets, or museums the normal elevators are beautiful. So there you go dear @Selene01.
Other than that how many pve items you don’t use at all?

I am a PVP raider :slight_smile:

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@Selene01 , Oh I know :grin:. Always a pleasure my friend :+1:t6:, yet your pve pyramid was very beautiful :wink:.

My only complaint about Fast elevators vs regular elevators is that the Fast Recipe is locked behind RNG when (imo) it should be included in the default feat tree. I have no complaints either way, and on a PVP server, I use slow elevators on my exterior horizontals to give me the maximum amount of response time to someone using it.


I mean they are a form of scorcery. What is driving the mechanism?

If we had 1 elevator that had a thrall slot, then speed would be dictated by
Taskmaster thrall slot

no thrall, your strength must be min. 20 to use at half speed of climbing

T1 half the speed of climbing

T2 same speed of climbing

T3 50% faster than climbing

T4 double the speed of climbing.

See that is an immersive idea right there And given by a pvp scumbag :wink: no less.


What kind of thrall would it be? Would Funcom introduce “Elevator Operator” thralls into the game? I mean, we can’t use a fighter/archer thrall because once it’s placed we can’t pick them back up to put them on a station

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Personally never used faster ones, to much work to replace it. XD

I find default ones fine?

Instead of two items… I loved to see upgraded able items. Looks same, just gets the effect if you want it.
Or like Fridge, You get ??slots, upgrade it at lv40 to ??slots(+5 or w/e_ and one last time to decent amount at 50-60.
Same look for 3 items.

I think its fine the way it is. The slow elevator is nice because I can get on it and start the lift and that gives me time for a 30 minute run to the store for some snacks, so by the time I get back I’ll be nearing the top of the lift and it works out.


Taskmaster…i put it above the list. G8ves another use.


ok cool. I must’ve missed that when I was speed reading the post. I’d be down for that, minus the STR requirement. No other equipment requires a certain attribute to be above a certain threshold, and I don’t believe that elevators should be an exception. Also, how does this sound for speeds

No Thrall: Current Standard Elevator Speed
T1: About 15% faster
T2:About 25% faster
T3: Current Fast Elevator Speed
T4: About 15% faster than fast elevators

And if we want to keep the Fast Elevators in the game (which I do since I like the idea of it), then just make it to where they don’t have a thrall slot by excluding them from the change. This way, you could have a real choice: Do you want a slightly faster elevator with a T4 thrall on it (Which could potentially be lost) or do you go with the safer option of a slightly slower elevator but no chance of loss?

Edit: Adding an “elevator animation” would be cool too. Like you or your thrall have to crank a wheel or something


The thrall idea has been brought up various times before they added the fast elevator, yet they opted for this implementation. Why? Don’t know.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with this. If anything, I rarely use elevators in general because they have a tendency to stick through walls, which ends up looking fugly.


While we’re on the topic, Funcom, can we PLEASE have some DLC Elevator skins?

My Turanian palace looks amazing except for the ramshackle drawbridges and the elevators that look like an apprentice carpenter took a whack at them


Sounds like it was super easy fix that even forum staff could do.

Open engine creator, make copy of elevators as new ID, Change speed value of new copied item and save. XD