Please funcom.. faster elevators!

I have loved using elevators around the base, but honestly i have almost started imagining elevator music, they move so slow, it is slightly faster than climbing, I am not sure if this is a balancing mechanic?

I Very much think a few if not many people will agree with this one!!
I mean heck, make them 2 times as fast and that would be sufficient!! in fact it would be brilliant!


the height is the key, the higher the slower.

I believe they run at exactly the same speed irrespective of height, but obviously it takes more time to travel further at the same speed…

Yes it is. If you are building base on top of the mountain, you have to consider time getting there. Mountain bases are staple design in current game and eliminating long climbing time will make them even more attractive.

i have to wonder if more attraction to the mountainous lands would be a good thing! not many people like building there!

though i still really wish they moved faster!!

oo thanks for the link i shall take a look!!

You gave a very good reason to not make elevator faster.

Thats a top notch idea my dude!!! i like it !

it give more of a challenge to aqquiring it and also gives something new to strive for! a different but good method to utilise the same idea!!

The best elevator mod was the Mod Elevator plus from Testerle
Next to the setup of the elevator speed there were also setups for the lever corners and the lever rotation. And there were additional landing platforms for the vertical elevators.
It’s a pitty this mod isn’t continued anymore.

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