Elevator speed should be twice as fast as climbing

As it stands now the Elevator move painfully slow, especially the vertical ones

In fact it is MUCH faster just to climb the nearest wall to the elevator than using the actual elevator, which is a shame because I’m sure the elevator were added to be used.

Unfortunately I always find myself just climbing the closest wall to get up to were I need to be because the elevators are so slow, and on top of being slow if it’s not at the bottom, you have to wait twice as long for it to first come all the way down to you, but if they were twice as fast as climbing it would make them the same speed if you had to wait and quicker if it was already at the bottom landing, negating the need to circumvent them… and I would imagine the whole point of the elevators are to be used and to be a convenience.

The speed is slow so you don’t spam them. Climbing has a risk. Run out of stamina and take fall damage.

It’s easy to climb with 0 stamina cost.

Elevators are faster than climbing, but not much. I raced my elevator to see.
It would be nice if they were a little bit faster though.

but being slow also makes it completely not useful, spamming seems to be a non-issue, if you need to traverse to a place you will regardless of how… elevator or not so how does making the elevators more reasonable effect that.

Furthermore the risk is almost non consequential not sure who may have problems but as I stated at this point my elevator is just for show I always climb, literally dozens of times a day with no problem or risk. I even jump many stories and grab at the bottom seems the devs would prefer their players using the elevators they took their time coding rather than that.

Yeah climbing has very little risk. As long as you leave just a tiny bit of stamina, you can safely fall from any height. But you can also climb with 0 stamina usage… So yeah. Almost no risk, ever.

I’m playing on am official server with full stamina cost, my fortress is on a 30 tile high cliff, so try this…

go find the a very high cliff, put an elevator, and burying the cart to the top and go to the bottom.

Now just put 3 fountains in the cliff. Now see wants faster, climbing the cliff wall and recoup stamina for like 1 second or waiting for the elevator to traverse 30 times down and then 30 times back up.

You will beat the elevator by absurd times not to mention going down you can just jump off the edge wildly and grab the cliff at the bottom, which again is insane amounts of time faster, thus simply making the elevator faster would give people at least a reason not to do that and actually use the elevators.

whatever as stated I will just keep climbing and jumping down

I understand all this. I agreed with you that elevators should be faster in my first post.
I also agreed that climbing has little to no risk.

didn’t mean to come off as a rebuke, was just meaning depending on the height it can be a big difference, and I’ll admit I feel a bit silly jumping hundreds of feet off a cliff to grab the bottom instead of using the elevator but I guess that’s more of a realism issue.

Yeah, you’re absolutely right.
I’m building a very tall tower, it takes quite a long time for the elevator to scale the height of the building.

Even on your official server you can climb with 0 stamina cost. It’s not a cheat or an exploit.
So you can quite easily climb any height. This combined with the fact that elevators are slow means you can just ignore them completely.

Yea, I completely forgot you can put points into that, which makes it even less likely for people to use these slow elevators. here’s hoping

You don’t need Iron Grip for the -10% stamina usage.

Advanced flexibility kit on any light chest and leg pieces as well as on climbing boots and gloves. Boom, 0 stamina usage. You can wear any light helm without a flexibility kit but you will need one if you wear a medium helm. Heavy helm with a flexibility kit will still drain stamina.

cool, good info, thx