Why avatars are back if they are buggy?

I had a clan on the server 2209, we got in a really big state. Big base, well respected and stuff. What happened was, a bunch of guys that had another clan on the server 2285, I believe, came to the server and decide to wipe us out of the server. No problem so far…they have a way bigger farm power, got 3 clans together and as expect got really big and powerful. My complaint is about the avatars, they are still way bugged to be on public official server,given their power…the Set God (giant snake) destroyed all of our doors, and inner structures without destroy effectively any layer of foundation. Even bed inside of a game structure, behind multiple layer of foundation. That doesn’t make any sense at all. It cannot break foundation, but pass through it and hit stuff behind. What is that??? Totally broken. Against that, only the divine protection, but farming 500 manifest coins cost a lot of time. Anyways, the return of the avatars broke the pvp servers, telling that’s to balance, it’s a lie, a small clan or single man clan cannot do that unless on play for that. Sad but true…the whole pvp experience is broken. I don’t know what you do think about it, I’d like to know the community opinion.

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