Why cant i go on to play online

Why cant i go on to play online it keeps telling meo line features are not available i already check my network connection and it fine i close and re open game

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Have you tried any other online games. We were on a few hours ago.

If you still can’t get one send a Zendesk report

Seems like there is an issue logging in, as it won’t let me in either. That is before server selection.

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I heading to the living room to find out.

@Dzonatas @iii-dub_man-iii took alot longer than normal but I got on US pve official ps4.

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I tried but nothing, so I’ll come back to it later.

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Good luck my friend it did say I was disconnected to start with. My wife talked me into just going into sleep mode instead of logging out have been doing that a few weeks seems faster however if I am carrying really good things it goes in a chest first.

Do you have Playstation plus?
If you don’t have purchased Playstation plus you cannot play Conan exiles online .

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