Why do 2 skull bosses not exist?

Can someone explain to me why there are gold-border bosses, weak 1-skull bosses, strong 1-skull bosses, stupidly dangerous corrupted 1-skull bosses, weak 3-skull bosses, and hard 3-skull bosses, but no 2-skull bosses?

What happened in the game design that they skipped over that designation entirely?


Because there is only easy or hard, and 3 skulls representing hard is more visually imposing.


As a visual challenge rating indicator system, this leaves much to be desired.

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Hmmmm good question

Agree. Im also in favour of adding some fiendishly extra hard, 5 skull bosses. :smiling_imp:


In a good Fibonacci sequence, the next one would be 6 skulls!


Not only that, but some 1 skulls are rediculously easy, and some are crazy hard. The rocknose king that just spams the slam knockdown is one I avoid because its just annoying.
The 1 skull Sabertooth will one shot you real fast.


Not 8? :laughing:
I mean: 1 skull, 2(missing) 3, 5(missing), 8?

Ultra-mega-killer-super-corrupted-deadly-ultimate badass rabbits go!


Or the wolves… Last time I visited the Devil’s Squat I was tore into pieces by 2(!!) of them plus 4-5 regular wolves. At night (yep, I dodn’t repair my torch before I went to an adventure) it’s scary when something jumps at you and your screen turns immediately green due to low HP.

Probably elite creatures that spawn randomly should reatain their 1 skull, but mini-bosses like Misha should get a 2 skull indicator.

Alot of games do this, 2 Skulls just doesn’t look right.

I remember one mmo that had

Blank spot was name… alot of player confused it as 1 skull.
What ever reason… 2 stars, 3 stars, no one seems notice… but a skull. lol

LotrO has it to, 1 big skull in name logo, or 3, skipping over 2. Just uses flashy flames and elite/rare elite/signature titles.

I never really thought system was off, Low end of map, 1 skull is easy, 1 skull mid map, tough but not evil, 1 skull in North is death waiting.
Glowing eyes? Yep… best watch yourself.
Flow blown 3 skulls… you best be ready.

Most of tougher enemies have unquie look to them, or larger size… or out of place.

And seeing level or *'s just seems out of play RP wise. Maybe not rp… can’t think of word.

Like seeing the Van in background of Braveheart movie.

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I believe that it has to do with the progress of the game . For example Abysmal boss is a 3 head boss that the game it self ask you to kill early on the game . For sure this boss exist to push the new players to learn how to use the bow , sandstorm mask as gas mask and the shield . I didn’t play the first map , when I joined the game the map was completed , except the dungeons . What I mean warmakers , khari and sunken city didn’t exist , still back then ,for me , it was a great deal to go and farm black ice :rofl::rofl::rofl: . So the one head or 3 head difficulty has to do a lot with the progress of the game . Now , about 2 head bosses , for me is something that the way things evolved since now , they are not necessary anymore . In all the games we have mini bosses and bosses , so on Conan mini boss is one head and boss is three head :woman_shrugging:t3: . Simple as that :wink: .

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Be careful what you wish for rolee9309…


That’s what came to my mind when I wrote that comment!
And I’m gonna watch this again (and probably again). :smile:

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Good man rolee9309. I am a h7ge Monty Python fan myself.

I have been trapped in that pattern for more years of my life than I care to recall at this point. :laughing: